First Day 2012

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‘lil Miss A,

Today you embarked on another year of pre-school.

Mama and Daddy made the decision to put you back in Pre-3 just in case we ever move away from your school. You see, you’re an old three, a very mature girl for your age. This happens when you have a birthday in early October. The problem is, the public schools won’t let you start Kindergarten early. There are rules, you know.

Even though you don’t fully understand why you can’t be in class with your (old) 3-year old friends, it will be ok. You already know a few kids in your class, and I am sure you will find new friends. You think that you will be able to go across the hall when you are four, but you just have to be patient. Don’t wish your young life away.

This morning, you carefully got ready for school, making sure to pick your outfit off of your Girls Looking Cute doll, and noting that girls who go to school pee in the potty (not in their pants). (You know, just in case you decide to revert to the diaper days of well over a year ago.) We took a few quick pictures and headed out the door with three bags full of stuff for your classroom.

On the ride, we listened to your song, you were so happy. Breakfast on the go was a banana, cheerios, and pretzels (your request). We hit traffic at the bridge–it never fails.

When we got to school, you suddenly wanted nothing to do with me. Your class might be in another building, but you still walked in that room like you owned it. Boss. Instead of matching your first name to the attendance board, Miss T asked you to match your first name to your last name…and YOU DID IT.

As usual, I barely got a hug–behavior I expected to hit when you were in 3rd grade, not 3 year old class. You handed me a basket of kisses, demanding I take one instead of handing me one like Miss T asked, then all but pushed me out of the door.

I know you had a good first day, even if you won’t tell Daddy and I secrets of the day. You said you didn’t get to write your name–don’t worry, you have lots of time. You seemed sad, and clung to my side; however, I read this as you were EXHAUSTED. A two hour nap was in order, I hear.

Sweetie, you have many first days of school ahead, but I hope you find this one just as special as the next.

Love you!

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