Firetek Zeon Bow

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When I got the Firetek Zeon Bow, I had high expectations that I’d have the big kids use it for a Back to School math game outside. They much preferred using it to just learn how to shoot a bow and arrow instead of counting up their points on a target, go figure. Additionally, Greg has to help Evan use it, so Arianna didn’t think that was quite fair (flip it, reverse it and it’s not fair that she can add because she’s older, but I digress).

Firetek Zeon Bow

Regardless, we received the Firetek Zeon Bow from Zing Toys after I read this description and that we could have some fun:

Light up the DAY and NIGHT with the FIRETEK BOW! The ultimate foam bow & arrows – now with blazing light-up power! Fire up the ZONIC BLAZE whistling arrows. Hook the arrows in the fast load loops, then READY, AIM, FIRE! Watch as they light up the sky and scream through the air up to 145 feet! You’ve got the POWER with the FIRETEK BOW! – See more at:

Sounds fun, right? We thought so.

There are two “versions”, a girl “Air Huntress” and bow “Zeon” or “Air Storm”. In a world where our culture is going more toward gender-neutral toys, I focus on telling my daughter that there was a pink one, too. Right now – my kids seem color blind to many things, including gender-centered toys. That and the bow being just a few months above Bubby’s gross motor skill ability are my only qualms.

The Firetek Bows from Zing Toys are available at for $14.99. Recommended for ages 5+.

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