Book Review: Firefly Island

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I can’t help it, I am a sucker for a good love story. Even if they are mildly predictable, Christian-themed romance novels (especially those based in the South) are my go-to books. Firefly Island by Lisa Wingate was no different.

Firefly Island
Source: Bethany House

Typical girl meets guy in a sweet setting, they fall head over heels in love. When D.C. girl Mallory falls in love with Daniel on Capitol Hill, I am quite sure she doesn’t picture that within months she’ll be a stepmother, a “Pioneer Woman” living in Texas. Top it off with the mystery of her husband’s new boss and the acres of land they are living on.

My heartstrings were pulled as Mallory encountered the poverty-stricken areas nearby. It’s always humbling to consider that others may not have what we have, and gentle reminders that God loves all are sometimes just the thing we need.

Also, like me, Mallory becomes a blogger as she ventures through life in Texas, blogging about her stepson, recipes, and adventures de-varmitizing her new “home”.

As these stories go, Firefly Island is not free of mystery, adventure, and a turn of events that of course leads her to fall deeper in love with her husband. While I am sure she didn’t want to make Texas her forever home back in her Capitol Hill days, the final chapters of this book make her realize that sometimes God has a way to find exactly what we want…although it may not always be where we think we’ll find it.


Firefly Island is published by Bethany House and retails for $14.99.

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