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*articles may contain affiliate links* This post is brought to us today by Filter Easy.

When it comes to home maintenance, I’ll admit – I’m pretty slack. Things just take a back burner to living life, you know? Things like replacing the solo cup that holds the toilet lever just right on flushing simply don’t stand a chance against extra snuggle time with a sleepy baby. We use lists and calendars, but things don’t always go as planned.

That’s why I was excited to hear about Filter Easy – a service that delivers air filters to your home. We suffer from some pretty rough allergies from dust, mold, and pet dander. Add that to six humans living in an older home and you get a good dust layer on your air filters which then just defeats the purpose. Add that combo to the slack home maintenance list and you get more sneezes and coughs than necessary.

filter easy

With Filter Easy, we don’t even have to think about the state of our home’s air filters. After placing our first online order, they knew the exact size(s) and amount of filters we needed (yet another tedious task – constantly trying to remember our exact air filter size). Then three months later, right when it’s time to replace again, your next set just comes to your doorstep.

Yes, home maintenance to-do-list items can really be checked off that simply! Take a look at what happens when they aren’t:

dusty air filter

Nope, that filter was not that brownish color when it was installed. And goodness knows when we last put them in. (“Pro” tip, write the filter dates on the cardboard part of the filter on installation so that if you don’t go with a service like Filter Easy for your air filters you still know when the last time they were changed was.)

Then when the new filters arrive on your doorstep…

filter easy delivery

You simply unbox and install then wait 90 days with clean air before the next subscription arrives! Check out the (nasty!) difference:

clean air filter

Filter Easy makes it so easy to manage your home’s air filters. Their products are made in the USA and help save 5-10% on your energy bills. There are three different grades of filters offered (LiteAllergen, MicroAllergen, and SuperAllergen – which we tried). The price points on all three are comparable to big box and hardware stores but they take out the time to shop and remember to add them to your list. Win-win!

Tell me – what’s your nagging item on your home maintenance list?

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