Fasta Pasta Family Size

*articles may contain affiliate links* In a busy house, sometimes waiting for a pot of water to boil so you can get pasta going is impossible. Luckily, we recently found out about Fasta Pasta, a kitchen gadget that will revolutionize how you cook pasta – especially if you go for the Fasta Pasta Family Size, like we did.

fasta pasta family size

Fasta Pasta Family Size

First, some details on what the Fasta Pasta is and why the Family Size version is so special:

Don’t be fooled by its no-fuss appearance, this microwave pasta cooker will not disappoint.  It is the perfect hassle-free way to cook pasta for large dinner parties or families on-the-go. With its patented reservoir design, the water circulates throughout, ensuring perfect pasta every time.

This made in the USA product is BPA-free and FDA-approved, and even includes a free cooking guide and recipes! Fasta Pasta Family Size cooks all types of pasta, vegetables, soups, casseroles and rice, without stickiness or starchiness from start-to-finish in minutes. Treat your guests to second and third helpings, with this upgraded pasta maker. The new dimensions (8.5W x 13L x 6H) can be used in standard size microwaves that measure 21 inches wide or larger. Accommodating as much pasta as you need, it’s guaranteed that no one will leave your house hungry this summer. Works great with all kinds of summer pasta salad, such as macaroni, rotini and more! This is sure to make your summer meal prep easier than ever.

Source: Fasta Pasta

 Arianna has been watching some kid cooking shows, so she was way too excited to see the Fasta Pasta in the kitchen. She asked if she could help me, so I put her to work. To get started, we highly recommend you read the instructions. As you watch this video, you’ll see us put the Fasta Pasta in the microwave with the lid on – that’s wrong (and totally on the instruction sheet – I was full on mom braining it that day). We grabbed our box of macaroni and got to work.



After it went through the first round of microwaving, it was time to check on the pasta and give it a stir.



Finally, (what you don’t see), it was time to drain the water and enjoy the pasta. Super-fast and easy, giving me time to make homemade tomato sauce and meatballs while the pasta did its own thing.



All in all, we like the Fasta Pasta Family Size and are glad it gives us busy parents a quick solution to eating pasta dishes. Bonus, it’s easy enough for our kid chef to help out!

What do you think? Would you give this gadget a try?


Fasta Pasta Family Size and the Original Fasta Pasta are available for purchase on ,  and at specialty retailers nationwide. Retail Price: $19.99, $14.99

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