Farewell Fabulous February

This past month has flown by extremely fast. While the month started out pretty lazy for us (I was still on maternity leave) AND we suffered a Super Bowl loss, this month has been full of great memories for our family!

-As usual, we spent time with my parents and Grandma.
-Greg and I got Steeler tattoos and he got the kids’ names on his chest out in Columbus.
-We partied with my family for the Super Bowl.
-I went back to work.
-We celebrated Valentine’s day and got family photos taken (see below!).
-Evan had his 2 month shots and check up on his 2 month birthday.
-I got snowed in at my aunt and uncle’s during a major snowstorm (it took me three hours to go about 7 miles, halfway home from work).
-Greg had his wisdom teeth pulled.
-We celebrated living in our own home for a year.
-We got a freezer, dslr (promise for more REAL photos coming soon), and started officially planning our Vegas trip.
-We took a baby wearing class and started to do ALOT more baby wearing.

This really has been a fabulous month, even though we suffered from cabin fever and too much snow! 2011 is flyig by fast, don’t you think?


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