Stretch and Breathe: Family Yoga

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Family Yoga
Greg and the kids before Class

In the midst of all the crazy that’s been happening around here, the ‘lil Burghers and their parents got a chance to stretch and breathe at Yoga Innovations in Bethel Park for Family Yoga. Arianna and I have done yoga together before, but Evan hadn’t been old enough. The great thing about this class? There were wee ‘lil ones there, so we all fit in. Om! 

Sure, Bethel Park is a hike for us, but it was very fun to watch Evan get into poses and be my partner for some “mom and me” time. Arianna had a bit of a pout session at one point…she wanted to play with the babies instead of be in down dog. But guess what? That’s just fine. Yoga Innovations is prepared for this. There’s a toy box at the back of the room for when the kids get distracted so mom (and DAD) can keep on breathing and stretching.


This class was my first yoga class since finding out I’m pregnant with twins, and I’ll be honest. It wasn’t easy on me but at the same time, the stretch felt so good. (The thing to remember, for people like me who just can’t take no? Sometimes, you have to say no and stay on your back, use the blocks, and let everyone else invert while you just breathe.) Greg enjoyed actually getting a chance to exercise while the kids were “busy”, too.

Evan cleaning up after class

At $8 per family, this once a month (on the fourth Sunday) experience is worth it. There are other classes yogis (both experienced and aspiring) can participate in. There’s prenatal yoga, strong moms yoga, and your typical classes like basic yoga, power flow, and warm yoga…just find what fits your schedule. If you go and have never done yoga before, Yoga Innovations has a great resource for what to expect at your first class on their website. For example, a rented mat will cost you $2, and you’re going to want to take a bottle of water.

Seriously, how relaxed do these two look? You owe it to yourself to find a place to get a chance to breathe and stretch. We promise. And if you are in the Bethel Park area, give Yoga Innovations a try!

Arianna’s feet! I can’t get enough of this picture.

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