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It’s official, 2017 is here and I am ready to take it on. This year, my word of the year will be faithful. My goals will be around ways I can be faithful in all areas of my life, starting yesterday!


It’s a brand ¬†new slate, time to get focused and work on the things that matter (and let go of the things that don’t). This year, I will be focusing on being¬†faithful in the following areas (psss – they’re now all categories in the blog menu, too!):

  1. Faith. Our church (family) makes this one easy, it’s the things that get thrown at us (see the end of 2016) that make it a struggle. I plan to spend more time praying, worshipping (learning guitar, too), reading the Bible, and journaling.
  2. Family. We’ve carved out nights that are dedicated to our family and I plan to keep family a priority. Putting the phones down, snuggling more, reading together, enjoying time with our extended family whenever possible.
  3. Food. For years, I’ve had a crazy relationship with food. I love food, hands down. The thing is, it doesn’t exactly love me the same way it did 10 years ago and it definitely loves me less than it did 3-4 years ago when I had been on my weight loss journey. Today, I started to partake in the 3-Day Refresh (a Beachbody program) in preparation for the Whole30. If you’re interested, I’m reading the Whole30 book, cooking out of the cookbook, and reading “Made to Crave” while doing the devotional, too. It’s time to break the habits and get back to my good eats!
  4. Fitness. You might have missed it – I am in training for the Pittsburgh Half Marathon again. Yup. I’ll also be doing YFit two nights a week. There will be stories and struggles to share, I’m sure.
  5. Fun. Even with things being tight, it’s important that we still have fun. There are lots of memories to be had – I need to be faithful to saying YES to the good opportunities for our family. We’ll continue to share reviews of things and places we discover along the way.

So, what’s your word for 2017?

(Disclaimer: Posts on my blog may contain affiliate links. All opinions are my own.)

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