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Today I am breathing a sigh of relief. Every drop of liquid that the twins have had in their lives so far has been Mama’s Liquid Gold. Two months of Mommy’s Yummies. I feel like every breastfeeding milestone is worth celebrating, don’t you?

When we first started out on our breastfeeding journey, I’ll admit, I was scared. Frankly, breastfeeding was the thing that scared me most about getting pregnant with twins. How on earth was I going to do it? I really had no idea, so I did my research (thank you, Google) and joined some tandem breastfeeding groups on Facebook. But I was still scared.

It didn’t help when I faced walls early on in our journey. Between being told that we needed to use formula (by nurses at the women’s hospital where I delivered) to hearing the girls were slow growers, I thought I’d lose it. I literally put my heart and soul in making sure my girls were going to get every drop of milk I had for them, and nothing else (unless their health was at risk, which was never the case).

But then after the pain of the c-section wore off (and I got used to my healing process from the incision re-opening) and we were told the doctor was happy with their growth…we hit a stride. I felt like I was flying. Super Mama, feeding her girls exactly what they needed, when they needed it. And often, that’s been in the middle of the night // every 45 minutes during cluster feeds // when I just get out of the shower and swear I have nothing in me to give. But every time, every drop has helped my girls grow. That feels pretty damn awesome, thank you. 

When I look back at my breastfeeding journeys with the other kids, neither compare. I had very little support when it came to Arianna (because most of my family was in PA) and she had her milk intolerance issues. Evan was a champ in his own right, but let me be honest that he was a greedy feeder and it often hurt more than I’d like to admit.

But with the girls? Being natural ‘lil eaters since the beginning has formed a bond I cannot find words to explain. When I get ready to feed them, I honestly get butterflies because what we are experiencing together is so special and unique.

Sure, it’s been hard. Rightfully so. When you share your body with not just one but two other humans, it gets a little stressful. Add to it, needing to heal and care for two big kids, too. But that still doesn’t take away from the fact that every drop of their nutrition has been from me. Their good provider.

Two months in, and I hope at least ten more to go. Until they have cake. ::wink::

A #brelfie I captured during a cluster feed session last week
A #brelfie I captured during a cluster feed session last week

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  1. So glad that the hospital wasn’t able to bully you into formula! Sounds like you’re all doing awesome! I’ve always wondered how moms of multiples do it! I know feeding one is exhausting! 🙂

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