Every Bit Three

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This ‘lil boy is every bit of three. Every single beautiful bit.


When I was pregnant with Arianna, I had visions she was a he. When the ultrasound proved otherwise, I was all worried about how in the world will I raise a girl?!?!  Somehow, I thought raising a boy would be easier.

Evan, my Evan. Maybe it is boy, maybe it is three. You have been all boy in your first three weeks of three. And maybe I should be asking how in the world will I raise a boy?!?!?

The same way we are raising your sister. You will teach us things, make us proud, make us laugh, and make us cry. You will definitely keep us on our toes. Especially if three is any indication of the years ahead, you will be full of life and love.

Keep on being every bit of three. It is a beautiful thing, Bubby. 

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