Evan’s Pre-K Counts Graduation

There was no formal celebration, just some sweet hugs and goodbyes for Evan’s Pre-K Counts Graduation today. And that was just perfect for my sweet, shy guy.


It’s hard to believe that he is now a rising kindergartener, that soon he’ll go off on the bus and be gone all day (YAY for full day K!) with his big sister.

He’s writing his full name so well. His favorite thing is to draw, and it’s evidenced by the 100s of papers he brought home a week. Second to that, it’s bugs and animals, mostly his ant farm. When he grows up, he wants to be a soccer player.

With that sweet smile, his caring attitude, and loving heart, I know he’ll go far. But for now…I just want my babies to stay little!

Look at the difference the school year made:


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