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(Enter disclaimer text) When I was a kid, I tried my best at becoming an inventor. I was that nerd that was in the Invention Convention club, creating things we thought would be the next best thing. (Peterson’s Better Ketch-up’er actually just got thrown out, but if you a Heinz Ketchup fan, you’d have loved my idea.) Evan’s innovation might just be the next best thing to hit our house this summer.

The twins were busy using a bubbles inside bubbles fan (which, by the way is super cool and a new favorite of mine) when he lost his patience with sharing with two two-year-olds.

He grabbed up Grammie’s fly swatter and made his innovation, a bubble blower that would also blow tons of bubbles!

There’s no telling what made him think this would work, but he totally nailed it.

As I’m typing this, Arianna came for a visit and told me that he has also put cookie cutters in bubble mix and blown bubbles! Whoa, dude! (Apparently, pretzels don’t work so well as bubble tools, they also get smooshy when left in the bubble mix over night.) 

Next up, we have to make Grandma’s bubble solution again this summer. Promise a blog post on that to come, but for now, we’ll be picking up bubble solution in bulk to keep up with all these bubbles.



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