Evan and His Shoes

Oh, Evan and his shoes. Somehow, the boy has grown out of shoes overnight. Like from a size 11 to needing a size 13 all of the sudden.

And of course, none of the shoes we have in the house were his size except for his soccer cleats.

And of course, none of the shoes at the store were going to be just right, either.

Take, for instance, the shoes mama brought home from the store because she knew she couldn’t manage a trip to the store with the boy with the style that he can’t explain.

The shoes that he didn’t even see before he proclaimed he didn’t like them, they were weird. The shoes that you all told him you liked, many of you sending notes and messages and even a video to tell him how awesome he is {in his shoes}.

Evan and his shoes have had a few days together. Maybe they’re growing on him. Maybe.

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