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Enter disclaimer text At Blogger Bash NYC, I got to meet the team from Essential Eyebrow Solution® and decided to embark on a journey to see what the solution could do for my eyebrows. This is the first post in a two-part series about this journey.

I can count the number of times I’ve had to wax my eyebrows on one hand, so maybe I’m lucky, or maybe I’m missing out on something awesome – nice, full eyebrows. Being a blond, it is tough for me to look at my face and see my eyebrows, so I can’t imagine that others are really noticing either. But the thing is, maybe I should give my eyebrows a thought!

Essential Eyebrow SolutionI mean…just look at that eyebrow on the right – it’s almost bare in the middle! (And I noticed my brows might even have a tint of red to them, too?!?!)

That’s why I’m interested to see what 90 days of using Essential Eyebrow Solution (EES) is going to do for my brows. After testing out the product at BBNYC, I started using it two months ago in August, hoping for fuller, healthier brows. A few weeks ago, I got to ask EES Founder Renata Marie Vestevich the questions that made me wonder what this solution was going to do for my eyebrows – and (spoiler!) I found out it was going to do a lot for my face, too!

Here are the questions we discussed:

Why are eyebrows important? 

So much of our facial attractiveness is due to our eyebrows. Take a look at the photos online that show celebrities without their brows. It’s really startling to see how much a lack of brows changes one’s face. It’s also true that unremarkable, sparse brows can make our face look less striking.

Eyebrows are one of the most important features on our face. In addition to protecting our eyes, they create a frame for our face, make us better looking and play a vital role in nonverbal communication. I think most people take their eyebrows for granted and don’t really think about protecting or supporting them. That is, until they find their brows beginning to thin because of aging, or they are faced with a medical challenge such as chemotherapy treatment and are told they may lose their eyebrows completely. Since eyebrows are so essential to expression and contribute greatly to our facial appearance, losing them can be very distressing.

What makes our eyebrows different from other scalp hair? How does that make a difference in caring for my eyebrows? 

Eyebrow hair differs from scalp hair in several respects, for example:

For eyebrow hair, the growth cycle is very short, typically about 4 months, whereas the scalp hair growth cycle requires 3-4 years to complete. The difference in growth cycle duration is the reason eyebrow hairs are much shorter than scalp hairs.

Another distinction is that eyebrow hair emerges from the follicle at a very acute angle which produces growth that is essentially parallel to the skin surface. By contrast, the angle between scalp hair and the skin can be 45 degrees or more.

Eyebrow hairs also grow on single strands, whereas several hair strands typically arise from a single follicle on the scalp.

This does make a difference in how we should care for our eyebrows. Our research team discovered that eyebrow follicles responded positively to the properties of black cohosh. So, using other safe, cosmetic-grade ingredients along with the black cohosh, we formulated EES to strengthen, revitalize and support the brow hairs.

Can EES be used on my eyelashes or scalp?

That’s a great question and one that is often asked. EES – Essential Eyebrow Solution® has been specifically formulated and clinically-tested for use only on eyebrow hair. Although black cohosh has been used as an ingredient in other scalp hair loss remedies, our patented formula is only for use on eyebrow hair.

Why should EES be part of every daily beauty routine? 

Keep in mind, just as we moisturize our skin daily to help prevent dryness and use lip balm to protect our lips from either the sun’s damaging rays or the dry winter air, we should be nourishing and conditioning our eyebrows daily for lasting fullness.

Full, natural looking eyebrows are the trend and help in achieving a youthful, attractive appearance. While it’s relatively easy to add hair extensions or eyelash extensions, it is much more difficult to fake eyebrows. Most often, tattoos and heavy makeup will draw unwanted attention to your eyebrows—and steer you away from that full, natural look.

EES – Essential Eyebrow Solution® is the only clinically-tested cosmetic eyebrow product on the market to address eyebrow thinning or potential eyebrow loss. With a patented, paraben-free formula comprised of the natural botanical black cohosh, EES has been shown to support eyebrow fullness and suppleness. EES was originally formulated to help retain eyebrow hair in connection with chemotherapy treatment, but it is also ideal for beauty consumers looking to enhance their eyebrows.

What drove you to create EES? 

In addition to establishing RMV Trademarks/Essential Eyebrow Solution®, I’ve been involved in the cosmetology and hair replacement industry for nearly 30 years, owning a conventional full-service salon for 10 years, and spending the last 20 years as the owner/director of Advanced Hair Solutions, LLC, in Auburn Hills, Michigan, where my mission has been focused on helping individuals who struggle with the emotional challenges of hair loss due to various causes, including chemotherapy treatment.

Working closely with both cancer and non-cancer patients, I recognize both the beauty of lush eyebrows and the emotional distress of eyebrow loss. It was because of the significant impact of eyebrow loss due to chemotherapy on my clients’ self-esteem and the impossibility of disguising this sign of illness that I collaborated with a prominent research laboratory and embarked on a 6-year-long process to successfully develop and patent EES. A clinical trial of the EES product showed that it also promoted fuller, stronger brows, which indicated its suitability for general use.

What else should I know about EES that my readers might not find on a Google Search that you wish they’d shout from the mountaintops? 

I’d like them to shout: THIS IS A PRODUCT FOR EVERYONE!

For instance, EES – Essential Eyebrow Solution® is not just for women. Many men have reported how loss of scalp hair is something they can accept, but loss of their eyebrow hair is not.  Younger people of both sexes who want to protect their brows and keep them looking natural and full, middle-aged people who are noticing eyebrow thinning, and those who are losing hair in connection to chemotherapy treatment—all of these individuals can benefit from EES.

EES is a great addition to your everyday routine to protect your eyebrows and make them look their best.

Renata also shared with me that EES clinical trial data, was published in PRIME International Journal of Aesthetic & Anti-Ageing Medicine, a peer-reviewed science journal.  It is a “wonderful, new, highly effective, and unique product that is made in the US, paraben-free, easy to apply and, most importantly, is the only clinically-tested cosmetic eyebrow product on the market that has been shown to be safe and effective in supporting natural eyebrows”.

To learn more, visit the EES website at:

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  1. Hi Becky,
    Thanks so much for the interview opportunity. It was a lot of fun and you asked very insightful questions. I’m especially happy to know that you’re a fan of the EES – Essential Eyebrow Solution product and I appreciate you sharing your positive experience with others. I hope to meet you in person one of these days – perhaps at next years Blogger Bash! Once again, my sincerest thanks!

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