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When I think about how we are raising our kids, I have to hope they will remember all the fun we had experiencing our city. We may not always do it big, but we always do it fun.

And as I am sure most of you out there do, we do it with a coupon or membership in hand. That’s why I was excited when I was asked to check out the online version of my beloved Entertainment Book. Sure, I have some really cute bags to carry all my things in, but a thick book of deals would often go to waste because I simply didn’t want to carry the bulk around.

With digital access, you can now get your favorite coupons on your mobile device or PC. It makes saving money (and time) that much better. Who doesn’t love to save on dining, travel, and shopping?

Source: Entertainment.com Yep, there’s an app for that!

Do me a huge favor. Head over to https://www.entertainment.com/coupon/ and find the deal you would be most interested in redeeming. Leave me a comment. You never know when I might have something fun to send your way. *wink*

(This sponsored post includes the opportunity for you to win a copy of an Entertainment Book, valued at $35 and provided by entertainment.com.) 

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