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In a world of texting, SnapChat, Instagram, and Facebook, emoticons have become more present than ever. My friends over at Fun2Play Toys have created toys based on these popular guys and gals, the Emojiez!

emojiez toys

When I told my kids about Emojiez, they looked at me like I was silly for not knowing about them before them. They’ve already noticed them while surfing the internet and have a crush on the “funny” ones like this guy (Plush Palz Ralph):


These plushes, erasers, stickers, and blind bags will bring your kids a way to customize their feelings in their play.  At home, we like to do Emojiez trades from the blind bags and are hoping more kids will get them so they can trade Buddiez at school, too.

As a 90’s kid, I was super excited by this toy:

Emojiez Snap Bracelet

Do you know what it is? It’s a snap bracelet! I’m excited to share this one with the kids because it’s not like the ones of my childhood – it’s rubbery, so the “slap” is nice and smooth.

If Emojiez sound like they’d be something your kids would like in their lives, head over to their website and check out all of the product options (including backpack clips, stamps, and pens) and where you can buy them.

Check out what Arianna and Evan think of the blind bags over on our YouTube Channel, too. (They’d love it if you subscribe, too!)

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