Eight years Old

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Wishing our biggest Big a very happy birthday today. I know I can’t believe she is eight years old, can you? 

Daddy’s Biggest Fan

I’d seriously love to know where the time has gone. When I woke Greg up early this morning eight years old, neither of us had a clue how she’d change our lives. 

Our littlest biggest decision is what started this amazing family. We celebrate that with her today and all days. She made time stand still. Greg and I learned true love through her. We both fell in love with this little girl sent to save us both. 

Arianna continues to be my biggest challenge, my biggest blessing, and my mini me. Something tells me this isn’t going to change any time soon…and that is quite alright. 

Happy Birthday, Baby Girl. Can’t wait to celebrate with you when I’m back home. Daddy, spoil our sweetie lots today! Xoxo.

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