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As you probably can tell, I am a busy mom who tries to do it all. Not going to deny that. Because of my attitude, I have to come up with ways of making mornings easier (because at LEAST three of the six in my family are NOT morning people). This post was inspired by my experience with Egg-Tastic™.

How I’m Making Mornings Easier

  1. Have clothes picked out the night before.
  2. Have lunches packed the night before.
  3. Have breakfasts that can be taken on the go.
  4. Set multiple alarms.
  5. Have our bags packed and by the door.

It’s simple, right? Just be ready and your mornings can be easier. Sometimes we do just have to get back to the basics and do the ‘lil things to make a big difference.


How did Egg-Tastic inspire this post? Well, this ‘lil ceramic pot…


…cooks eggs (or egg substitutes as I like) in your microwave in one minute. So basically, you can have a hot, healthy breakfast without any fuss or all the messy dishes. You can even take it with you on the go – but I don’t recommend eating the hot eggs on your commute! (Take Egg-Tastic with you to the office!)

Check out more (including recipes) on their website,

Want one? I’m giving one lucky reader an Egg-Tastic:

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