Eclipse Curtains – Reduce Light & Noise for Better Sleep

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We received a set of Eclipse Curtains in exchange for our honest review. All opinions, as always, are 100% our own. Enter disclaimer text

When you have a house full of kids who are totally the younger sister from a certain movie about ice and sisterly love and they believe if the sun is up they are up…having reduced light and noise is a true blessing. The twins had been struggling with Daylight Savings Time when our package from Eclipse Curtains arrived with blackout panels for their room. Call it an early birthday present for dad and mom, these beauties have made a difference!

Eclipse Curtains – Reduce Light & Noise for Better Sleep

Do you kids struggle to stay asleep like mine do? I know there is just so much in this world to conquer, but ‘lil ones need rest to do all that day-slaying, amiright? Eclipse Curtains with blackout and noise-reducing capabilities are one way you can help keep your kids sleeping better through the night…meaning mom and dad are sleeping better, too!

Eclipse Curtains offers four different levels of opacity, based on your needs. This mom of four is all about the black out (blocks 98-99.9% of light and considerably reduces noise) and absolute zero (blocks 100% of light and maximizes noise reduction) options. I’ve been trying really hard to get seven hours of sleep a night, so I want all the light and noise reduction I can get!

With a kid-friendly line, Eclipse Curtains makes it easy for parents to sneak in the extra sleep magic. We got to try out the Pretty Princess panels in the twins room. This took them from two windows like this…

…to two windows like this (both photos were taken on the same day in the same room on the same window, 2 minutes apart)…

eclipse curtains

Aren’t they super adorable? I love that these curtains have a function but also an element fun. Ava and Isla LOVE counting their castles, unicorns, and carriages before naptime. As soon as we can get more furniture in the room (Ava is way too daring), I hope to pull the whole princess theme together for them as we transition from nursery to kid room.

You can see the amount of light when pulled that they really do make a difference!

Eclipse Curtains – Where to Buy

If you are interested in purchasing your own Eclipse Curtains, they are available at many major retailers including Target (check out the Pretty Princess curtains we received) and Amazon (like these super sophisticated ones for your older kiddos). The kids’ line panels range from $5.79 to $23.99.

Their website is full of all the technical details and even inspiration as you look to change up the decor of your home. Follow Eclipse Curtains on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest for even more ideas.

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