Easter Outfits from Carter’s Kids

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Enter disclaimer text This post is thanks to Carter’s Kids.

I owe Carter’s babies and kids a huge thank you for making my life a ‘lil bit easier for Easter morning. Because of us setting the date of the girls’ birthday right before Easter, there was a huge chance we wouldn’t be home to accompany the kids to church and we were right. Having their outfits ready to go for the grandmas made life super easy!

How’d they help me? A few months ago, I was given a gift card to shop for spring outfits (and now it’s summertime outfits, but bear with me). Carter’s has me on their mailing list, too, so I sat down with a catalog and the big kids to pick out their Easter outfits. It did not take long at all and they’d picked out coordinating outfits.

Placing the order online was super easy, too. I just went to their website and entered in the items they wanted, snagged their size (I shopped about four weeks early), and placed my order. Shipping was quick and the clothes were true to size, too. Can I just say I cannot believe that Evan is old enough to be in a 5T vest?!? Bonus? The outfits worked for Easter and our cousin’s wedding!

carters kids

Right after I snapped that picture, I put it on Instagram. The photo Carter’s posted on their Instagram feed just before it? One of a ‘lil girl in the same dress as Arianna!

We love what they picked out, but I really could have shopped all day long. We have four Carter’s Kids locations in Pittsburgh plus a store at the Grove City Outlets, so I’m quite sure some shopping is in my future for summer outfits, too. (Looking for the store closest to you? Use their Store Locator to find it.)

Want to shop Carter’s and looking for suggestions? One of the things we always forget to buy is swimwear. Right now, Carter’s Swim Shop is open online for your shopping needs. There are also plenty of great deals right on their main page (like complete outfits for $7!). I really have to stop telling you about it because I want to fill my cart with all the 0-3 M Flamingo and Seahorse items I can (aunts have gifted the girls with these unique patterns and I really can’t get enough now!)…but I’ll try to refrain and leave some goodies for your shopping pleasure.

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