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I’m a wimp when it comes to house cleaning, so I leave all the gross chores (like cleaning the tubs and showers) to Greg. Thank goodness I recently discovered DrainWig.

This probably goes back to that one time in college when I woke up for an out-of-state hockey trip and was horribly sick. I stayed home in my apartment all weekend alone while Jen and Jess got to travel with the team. Early that first morning, my throwing up in the toilet somehow came up the tub. And then the sink.

And of course? Maintenance was not available to come do anything until Sunday, maybe Monday.


So what had happened was, 27 or so women in one apartment building leave  a lot of hair in the drain system. I was on the first floor, so everything flowed down to our apartment and “s” pipes decided the weekend I got sick was a good weekend to clog up.


Because of this, I hate cleaning showers, tubs, and even toilets. For good reason, right?

Well, the DrainWig should help keep this from happening in our house of four women (and two hairy guys, heh). I hope. We’ll just slip the ball-chain down the drain and leave the (cutesy) flower or anchor above the drain. When it’s time to clean, we’ll pull the DrainWig out (along with all the hair) and throw it away – not even having to look.

I keep saying we, but you all know it’s going to be HE. (Note, the DrainWig shouldn’t be re-used and is good for 2-4 months – we’ll lean toward the 2 month mark for safety of all tummies involved.)

I know – we need new tubs – that’s years of rust! 🙁

Psss…I found out on Facebook that the average person loses 100 strands of hair a day. EEK!

If you are intrigued, you can pick up a DrainWig (or two) at


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