Doggy Time Away

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When we go away, we literally have the Perfect place to take our pups. Just before vacation, they seemed to know they’d be going to “doggy camp”.

Shadow was clingy.


Rowdy was needier than usual, which omg. But how cute?

Just before they went on doggy time away, I wanted to give them a treat. They were treated with Newman’s Own Snack Sticks in Chicken and Rice.

Shadow never gobbles anything down, but she sure was ready to beg for another before Rowdy could even eat his.

These treats were perfect for the kids to give to the dogs, too. The length allowed for even Evan to hold one and let the piranha (Rowdy) to enjoy a treat.


If you’d like to give your dogs this (assumingly) delicious treat, head over to to get your paws on these organic treats for your pups. They retail for $4.99 and are suitable for dogs of all ages.

Our pups enjoy being spoiled, but they do pick up on when we’re going away. Coming home is always a joy for them, and I can say it’s obvious these two are glad we’re home. Aren’t you? 😉


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