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Disclaimer: In exchange for this review, I was given a sample of Dog Rocks. All opinions, as always, are 100% my own.

This summer we’ve put a focus on really making our backyard be an oasis. There’s just one thing holding that back, the darn dogs. If it’s not them digging holes in the yard, it’s putting urine burn patches on the grass. Enter Dog Rocks to the rescue!

Source: Dog Rocks

When I first heard about Dog Rocks, I didn’t understand how in the world putting a few rock in Shadow and Rowdy’s bowl would help with eliminating the patch issue. These aren’t just any rocks, though. Dog Rocks are 100% natural and pull the nitrates out of the drinking water, thus removing the impact of nitrates on grass (the burns).

According to their website:

This gives your dog a cleaner source of water therefore lowering the amount of nitrates found in their diet thereby lowering the amount that is expelled in their urine. It is an overload of nitrates in urine that causes the lawn to burn. Dogs do produce nitrates as a by-product from the protein in their diet, but the difference between too much nitrate that will kill the grass and the amount of nitrate that will be good for the grass is very small.

After opening up the bag of dog rocks, I rinsed them and simply placed them in the water bowl. They’ll do their thing and then as new grass grows, the patches will disappear. We’ve only had the Dog Rocks in the dish for a week, but with the recent heat wave, there’s been a noticable difference. (It makes sense, when it’s hot, dogs drink more. The more they drink, the more the nitrates get in their system and the more burn marks hit the grass/garden.)

Before Greg agreed to letting me put the rocks in their bowl, he had one question, do Dog Rocks cause any side effects? The answer put him at rest:

Dog Rocks are 100% natural and the only side effect is a lovely green lawn. There is no change to the pH balance of your pet’s urine and they are safe for other pets you share your home with. Dog Rocks are lab tested to ensure the above and have sold over 1 million Rocks worldwide.

Like I said, we’ve only used them for a week and have noticed no new burn patches even with the heat. With them lasting two months, we still have some time to see how it keeps up by summer’s end. I have faith these will make good with our attempt to make the yard an oasis.

Dog Rocks retail (online and in pet stores as well as at your vet and even some garden stores) for $16.99 per pack , with each pack lasting 2 months. For more information go to: 

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