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This is yet another Sunday night leaving me to wonder where time went. This was a weekend full of things that filled my cup, topped off by a great message this morning at church with part that really stuck with me. Do life together.

In our church talks today, that was specifically a reference to how we can team up against Satan. When we find people we can fellowship with, we link our arms together in this battle. 

Like I said, this really stuck with me. 

We started at this church about a year ago and have slowly but surely started to find some great people to do life with. Hopefully this fall we will be part of a home group to grow closer, too. 

But I couldn’t help but think of the others in my life who I am so glad I have linked my arms with in battle. 

Missy and Tom. My bestie and her husband. I know they pray for us, and I know I’ve been fervently praying for them. 

Brandee, my Thirty-One Sister and friend (and her husband Wayne and baby E). 

Our siblings, parents, aunts, uncles, and cousins. It’s hard to find people you can call family AND friends, but we pretty much hit the jackpot when it comes to family.

Many of us riding “it’s a small world”

The Resting Place Ladies. Tonight, even! I’ve been so lucky to have a group of loving and supportive friends. 

Some of us shopping in January

And these are just a few! Seriously, I feel so blessed to have some many great people to do life together with! Hopefully you all can say the same…that you’ve got yourself a group of good, loving people to go to battle with you. To pray for you. To build you up. To have you when you fall. To love you. Right?

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