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Tonight I am writing to you via the February 2015 BlogHer NaBloPoMo prompt, Are you a DIY or a DIFM (do-it-for-me) person?. I simply want to write and still have yet to find the thing I really want to say lately. So I give you this. I may or may not stick around for these prompts all month, we’ll see. 



Visit my Pinterest boards and you will see that I pin a lot of stuff. A lot of it is DIY, too. But DIY? Ha. Ha. Ha. I’d like to think I am creative. You’d think I was if you checked out my office that has hundreds of dollars in scrapbook supplies lining the walls. You’d think I was if you looked in my kitchen cupboards and saw my gadgets and gizmos aplenty. Thingamabobs? I’ve bought them and tried them. Failed and tucked them away.

And yet I just cannot stop pinning or dreaming.

Ok, so we’ve made some neat Valentine’s throughout the years. Last year’s was pretty awesome (Olaf Treats). This year’s? I have no idea what I’ll be sending in, but I need to figure that out because Arianna’s party is in 11 (closer to 10) days and she needs to write her classmates’ names and her name on each of them.

And knitting and crochet. I’ve bought needles and knifty knitters. I’ve sold them then bought more. I have a huge basket of yarn and needles and looms on my living room floor because Arianna wanted to wanted me to make hats and booties for the babies. I am thinking this is not going to happen.

And photography. Yeah, I’ve taken a class or two on it, captured a few nice photos in my day. Even shot a wedding with Greg’s help. And I’ve got maternity photos pinned out the wazoo and really want to take some, but it just hasn’t worked out. Obviously that’s not something I can DIY, but I can try my best to get my husband to replicate some. He did a good job the other night snapping a few of me by the crib, but I hadn’t done my hair or makeup in 24 hours so that wasn’t exactly what I envisioned when I pinned this. I’m sure I’ll share it one day, but for now my fresh hair and makeup say not a chance.

Even cooking lately has slipped. Bad. I want to cook all the good things, but by the time I make it home and Greg’s sleeping for work, it’s grab what I can and deal with it. June is coming is my attitude. I am slipping, but know I’ll be back on track oh so soon. This snow will go away and I will have fresh food and it will all be better. It’s just easier when someone else does it for me.

Like pretty much everything I set out to make or do, I’m going to say I’m more of the DIFM mom, and that’s the way it is. Sorry, kids. Good thing I have lots of friends on Instagram and Etsy that will bring the cute into your lives. DIY? Ha. Ha. Ha.

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