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As a mom who works in technology AND has three girls, I am super excited to share with you an extension on the information about Digital Media Academy last week. They have a program made specifically for girls to help close the gender gap in the technology industry. I feel it, and I hope by the time my daughters are ready to enter the workforce it will be a non-issue.

Digital Media Academy

According to Digital Media Academy (, there is a challenge to be met:

Despite being one of the fastest growing fields, Computer Science has one of the highest rates of gender disparity. Researchers believe that the impact of social expectations and lack of mentors for girls contributes to underrepresentation of women in tech.

This means women are missing from a field that typically compensates women 33 percent higher than other industries and is growing at more than double the rate. The Department of Labor predicts that by the time girls in middle school make it to college, there will be one million Computer Science-related jobs without qualified workers.

Digital Media Academy’s Project based classes put girls in charge. They foster leadership via collaboration. Both of these things have proven vital in my success as a woman in technology, so I am glad to hear the Made for Girls program at Digital Media Academy is dedicated to this effort. You can find out more about this effort on their website,

Source: US Family Guide


And if you have ‘lil guys in your life, don’t fear. There are programs for both genders starting at age 6 through adult. Check out my first post about Digital Media Academy for more information.


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