Defining Yourself

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While Greg and I were in New York, it was clear there were opportunities for us to define yourself and explain / model who we are.


As we drove home, I thought a lot about the success of the trip.

Did I like myself? Yes. I was real. An introvert yet wonder woman…I carried the babies around most of the three days. While I mostly stayed to myself or clung to Greg when the Irish in me wanted to show, I was me. I wasn’t a shark or a swag whore (if you saw our stroller, you may disagree) and talked to brands I really cared about (if you are a brand and are here, that means I liked your product or service and really want to work with you).

Did I like what I did? Yes. There were some crazy moments at BlogHer (more to come on this), but I liked the sessions I chose to attend, the times I wore the girls, the people I connected with, the things I learned. It truly was a beautiful experience.

Did I like how I did it? Yes. Again, I was a bit of a hero wearing both babies and going non-stop for three and a half days. I was so glad I had Greg with me, even if he couldn’t figure out the car services (wink). I got to see some of my favorite bloggers (Michelle, Casey, Kristi, and Tabatha stand out) and didn’t feel pressured to make friends.

While there were definite ups and downs, one conference that clearly stood out as the best, I will chalk our trip to NYC as a huge success in defining myself. Now if I just had more time to WRITE. Dreams.

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