Dear Pittsburgh, Where is the Sun?

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After a cold, snowy winter, we sure are more than ready for some sun. It is May already, and days with weather as of late haven’t been so spectacular on our moods.

Mrs. Burgher: “I would like to get a semblance of a tan this year, ok?”

Mr. Burgher: “I want it to be so hot we spend our days in the pool, our evenings grilling, and the grass burns so I don’t have to cut it.”

Girlie Burgher: “I want to swim this year. I am going to be a big girl and jump in without crying. I want to spend time out on the porch people watching.”

Lil Man Burgher: “I hear there’s this cool sandbox outside, and when I start to sit up, I want to play with my gifts from the Easter Bunny, k?”

Come on sun, we know you’re just as ready as we are to liven up life around here.

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