Cutting a Mango

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I’ve been very lazy with our subsite, Lil Burgher Delights, but honestly, being a working mom and blogger for one site is a pretty big deal. Being a blogger at two sites can quickly become overwhelming (and cause you to be a bit forgetful). Until I can figure out a better balance, I’d like to just randomly share some of our recipes and foodie experiences with you here. One of the things I hope to pass down to my kids is a love of cooking (and hopefully, eventually healthy cooking). What better place to share!

How to Cut a Mango

Our local grocer had mangoes on sale for $1 each for about a month. This was perfect timing because we had started a wellness challenge at work. I bought a mango and attempted to cut it on the same night Mr. Burgher and I had a breakfast cooking/multi-tasking mini-meltdown. Unfortunately, I failed at cutting the mango because it was still pretty firm. Lesson learned, I decided to Google cutting a mango, and found the best way was to use a mango cutter. My cousin promptly gifted me with one, and I can’t tell you how excited I was. Here’s how to cut a mango!

1. Do NOT use a knife. It is difficult. If you use a knife and are successful, PLEASE share.

2. Make sure your mango is ripe. It will be a bit squishy to the touch.

3. Get your mango cutter and cutting board.

4. Stand the mango up and place the cutter over the “long side” vertically. (It’s easier to explain with the picture, right?)

5. Grabbing both handles, push the mango cutter down the fruit.

6. Now the seed is in your cutter and your mango is cut in half!

7. Now it’s time to pick how you are going to cut it. The skin is still on the mango, so you might need to think about how you are going to cut it off. For me, I cubed the mango (in a post to come) and then slid the knife behind the cubes to de-skin the mango.

Such a great fruit to enjoy for the summer! Yum.

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