Cute Things The Little One Does

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Our kid is legally ridiculous. At 22 months, she has an incredible language base (atleast 100 words and speaking in sentences when SHE feels like it…) and is incredibly smart. Her favorite toys are her kitchen, baby, and phone. Here are just some of the cute things she has done lately…

*  Ate some fries and then put the fries in her play oven to heat them back up.

*  Fell in love with beans and blueberries.  We seriously cannot keep enough in the house.

*  Walks around in her Mama or Daddy’s flip flops–toes where they belong and doesn’t trip.

*  Tells our dog Rowdy to “Get Back, Get Back!” when Mama gets to the door after work.

*  Feeds her baby leftover oranges.

*  Begs for cookies regardless of how tired she is.

*  Chooses to wash her hands in the tub instead of the sink after using the potty because she doesn’t have to be held or rely on a stool.

*  Would prefer to take a shower instead of a bath. (How old is she?)

*  Practices her swimming moves when it’s raining.

*  “Waves a Terrible Towel” anytime anyone says “Steelers”.

*  Likes to feed chickens on Frontierville–and ONLY chickens.

We are pretty lucky to have such a silly, cute kid!  She makes our life full of blessings and we are very thankful.

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