Curb Appeal Landscaping: Outdoor Lighting Ideas to Improve Curb Appeal

Shedding Light on Curb Appeal

Whether you’re investing in your home because you are trying to sell it or simply trying to improve your space, outdoor lighting upgrades are worth the cost and effort. Great outdoor lighting can boost your home’s curb appeal by accentuating prominent trees, walkways and architecture. Plus, lighting enhances safety and security for you and your visitors.

In order to implement this popular curb appeal idea, start by assessing your property’s lighting needs. Then, you can investigate the steps and cost involved in installing outdoor lighting.

1. When evaluating curb appeal, look for aesthetic and safety elements.

A great way to determine where outdoor lighting is needed is to view your house from across the street during the early evening hours. Take a photograph of your home with the flash on your camera off. This will highlight which areas of your property are the darkest.

While assessing your home’s curb appeal, consider both aesthetics and safety. When they work together, they create the perfect ambiance outdoors. Ask yourself the following questions to identify your outdoor lighting needs:


  • Is there currently a focal point in your yard, and if not, would you like one?
  • Does one side of your yard have more lighting than the other?
  • Are there beautiful elements of your landscaping that are being overlooked?
  • Is there any piece of your landscaping being illuminated that should not be?
  • Is the front entrance to your home warm and welcoming?
  • Is the driveway beautifully lit, leading people up to your home?


  • Are all of the stairs and walkway adequately lit?
  • Is there lighting by entrances to your home?
  • Are there any areas that pose a safety or tripping hazard because they lack illumination?
  • Are you utilizing motion sensors to light up the space when movement is detected?

2. Map out your outdoor lighting and plan the implementation

Once you have identified which areas of your home could benefit from updated lighting, it’s time to map out a plan. Look at each space that needs lighting, and make a list of lights you’d like to install. You may also want to consult a landscaper to get a professional opinion on the right lighting for each space. Your options include:

  • Flood lights, which are good for illuminating a large portion of your property
  • Soft uplighting, which highlights selected architecture or landscaping
  • String lights, which provide ambience along fencing or on trellises
  • Lampposts, which line drives and walkways

You’ll also find that you have power options ranging from solar to indoor switches and motion detection. Put together a combination that works best for you and your lighting goals.

Get estimates for your landscaping products

Once you have identified your outdoor lighting needs, it is time to get estimates and secure financing. Once you know how much the total project will cost, you can decide how you want to finance it. Many homeowners utilize home equity loans and lines of credit to improve curb appeal and landscaping because it can have a direct impact on home value overall. If you decide to utilize your home equity to get the project done, it is always important to plan out your budget ahead of time to apply for the right amount of home equity.

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Disclosure: I was asked to share this post with my readers and I agreed — this is a hot topic in the ‘lil Burghers’ house as we are hoping to put our house on the market in the next few years and want tip-top curb appeal! Thanks to RBS for providing us with content so we can enjoy our holiday as a family, too! 🙂

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  1. KaylaPotega says:

    You would never really pay close attention to how your house is lite, but it really DOES make a big difference when trying to sell a house! That along with many other little things all work together to make or break a sale 🙂
    Good luck in your house selling excursion!

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