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If you’ve been following along with this ‘lil blog for awhile, you know that I jumped into a weight loss journey three years ago. I’ve been proud to say I’ve done it without any miracle drugs or quick fixes. That doesn’t mean I haven’t been curious. It means that I have found that the best solution for me is to just eat right, exercise, and believe in myself.

That being said, you’re probably shocked to see that I’m about to review a dietary supplement here. Well, it’s true. I was asked to check out Creative Bioscience, and I figured why not give it a try. It’s not like it’s claiming to be a miracle worker. The supplements that this company has are there to support your efforts to eat right and exercise while providing you with some help in the “energy” and “appetite control” areas.

Skeptic self aside, I said yes. That was a few weeks ago, and now it’s time to give you some info about their products and tell you about it.

First off, when you head over to, you will notice that the headline is “Designer Diet Products”. I’ll be for real, I almost bailed on this opportunity when I saw that, because I don’t believe in a “diet” but in a lifestyle or journey. If you can’t afford (either financially, mentally, or phsyically) to go on a journey to eating right, you are not going to be able to afford the products of our country’s yo-yo cycle of quick win products. You have to be dedicated. Sorry for the soap box, but I have to tell you my honest truths around here.

So, I stuck around a little longer and read that the products are a supplement and they actually promote that you follow a list of programs to help you with your food intake (which isn’t that far off from what I’ve been doing to shed my 116 pounds). I went ahead and said yes and have given three products a try.

The hcg 1234 product has yet to enter my system, and here’s why. It’s to be used as a supplement for your diet, which is fine, but the description is:

Suppresses appetite and metabolizes fats. This formulation is for use with 500, 800 or 1,200 calorie per day weight loss protocols.

I eat 500 calories at breakfast alone. Currently, I am popping 1600 calories, but when I was training for the Marathon Relay, I was up to 2,200 most days (under my nutritionist’s guidance). So, those counts scare the life out of me. If these drops are going to work, I think it’s going to have to be under one of those ranges. The products do come with 24/7 support, so I gave their 1-877 support line a call to talk about this. Yup, in order to be able to drop a pound a day, they do recommend exercise and the 1,200 calorie diet. Since I am not ready for that, I did have to set this one aside.

I was also sent a bottle of the rcc 1234 which is a 4-day rapid colon cleanse. We’ll be going to Aruba very soon, and I haven’t been feeling quite myself, so this might be an option I include after the holiday weekend to feel back to my normal self. It’s to be used to supplement any part of your diet, so I am expecting it to go smoothly with my current plan.

And finally, I was sent the eac 1234, an energy and appetite control supplement. I am most excited about this one because it’s one I feel strongly that it’s okay to take. Here’s the description:

This is a very effective supplement that can be used in conjunction with any weight loss program or as a healthy diet lifestyle management tool. It helps curb appetite and boosts your energy level.

I’ll have another post coming your way in a few weeks to tell you about how the rcc and eac tests are going along with my current food and exercise plan. If you are interested in forming your own opinion of Creative Bioscience and all of the other products they have to offer, head over to


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