Creative Bioscience Part 2

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A few weeks back, I shared with you some details on some weight loss supplements and promised a follow-up. To be honest, life happened, and I forgot to circle back and share. Kids – it happens as you get  older. Anyways.

There were two products I wanted to have some more time with, if you recall:

I was also sent a bottle of the rcc 1234 which is a 4-day rapid colon cleanse. We’ll be going to Aruba very soon, and I haven’t been feeling quite myself, so this might be an option I include after the holiday weekend to feel back to my normal self. It’s to be used to supplement any part of your diet, so I am expecting it to go smoothly with my current plan.

And finally, I was sent the eac 1234, an energy and appetite control supplement. I am most excited about this one because it’s one I feel strongly that it’s okay to take.

The rcc 1234: I used to not think that cleanses were all that okay, but my mind has changed. You see, there are times and places when it makes sense…just don’t you go and think a cleanse that’s just a pill or just drinks is going to cut it for you. Sometimes, we really do need cleaned out. If you feel like you just need to get back on track, the rcc 1234 could be an option to consider. Be prepared to spend 4 days feeling a little “off” – c’mon, it’s ridding itself of years of toxins and gunk, you should feel a little different. Be sure to check with your doctor before considering this (or any other cleanse).

–> Results? Weight loss was minimal for me (~1 pound). I’ve been on a 3-year journey to get to the point I am, so my body has pretty much been ridding of toxins for a while. My results do not mean there wouldn’t be changes you’d notice if you tried.

The eac 1234: Upon reading a little bit more about this product, I found it has a laxative included. Sorry to divulge here, but I don’t need to add that to my already looser than normal system (see 3 years of eating healthy). Initially, I was pumped to test out the energy and appetite suppression, but the laxative factor made me nervous. A few days in, I did notice more energy without the jitters, but stick by the fact that I much prefer natural energy boosters (like exercise) to give me what I need.

–> Results? No noted weight loss, I think my stomach is much adjusted to my caloric intake (been plateauing for months), but this didn’t cause a drop.


I get it that there are people who need help with weight loss via supplements – this product could very well work for someone who needs it. While I enjoyed getting to test, my original thoughts were confirmed — MY body relies on veggies, lean meats, and exercise to make big changes. That’s MY reality, so if this is a product you think you’d like to try, visit and talk to your doctor to make the best decision for you.


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