Cookie Season

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Today was a quiet day. It should have been much busier, but I am glad that it wasn’t. It’s Girl Scout Cookie Season, so we were supposed to be at the booth for another afternoon of selling sweets.

Unfortunately, two of my four kids were down for the count with mild virus symptoms and the other two fully rely on me for all things. So, it meant two in quarantine (which is awful) and two playing at my feet. I say they need me for all the things, but reality is that they are learning to play independently and are really great at play time. So truth is…they sat at my feet and I basically browsed the internet to find things.

Like what to do with all the cookies that I bought just in case someone didn’t get to order (but now I only have 2 boxes of “leftovers” and have a zillion recipes I want to do with them). If you’re wondering, go to my Pinterest and check out my “Recipes: Cookies and Desserts” board. You’re welcome.

And I watched this video a few times because the girl in it came to Arianna’s troop booth yesterday and bought nine cases of cookies to donate to Children’s Hospital.

And I contained myself and haven’t ate any cookies…yet. But there’s still a few hours plus 7 days left in cookie season….so….

And, related…I guess…Evan reminded me of these amazing lip glosses and now I want to get some more because I am NOT sharing.

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