Cookie Cakes

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Last weekend, the kids got to attend my dad’s work Christmas party – a tradition I loved as a kid and teenager. When United Methodist pastors get together, they really celebrate Christmas like it should be done. Food, fellowship, and beautiful decorations.

To say I am a ‘lil jealous the grandkids got to go is no lie. 😉

The kids get to see Santa, come home with ‘lil gifts, and are hyped up on sugar. This year, they got to make Cookie Cakes.




Somehow they managed not to eat a bite of these before we came to get them. When they did, they also got to pick how much and of what decorations Mama, Daddy, Grammie, Pappy, and Unca got to enjoy.

My dear sweet Evan knew how to get to his Mama’s heart. See that Peppermint Hershey’s Kiss? It was one of two on his cake. One for me, one for him. One of our special treats. I’m not sure how on earth he remembered this from last Christmas, but he did. So sweet. So memorable.

One thought on “Cookie Cakes”

  1. They did quite a fantastic job on their cookie cakes! They look so good I wanna eat them all up, but I must say I won’t have the will power your kids seem to have. LOL

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