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Disclaimer: This post contains information on a book and cd that I was sent to review. All opinions are 100% my own.

Sometimes I wish I could get inside my dogs’ brains and figure out what in the world they are thinking. There are the obvious signs of what’s what, like the slight head butt to the couch signalling “get me outside now” and the nose to knee rub to welcome me home. But, I have to admit, I think they both understand more about the family and me than we’ll ever realize.

Recently I was sent a copy of Joan Ranquet‘s Communication with All Life book. Within, Joan (an internationally renowned animal communicator) writes about how we are actually exchanging with our animals on a daily basis. They help us get through “the things” (such as death, sickness, and bad days) and share in our joys, too.


At first, I was a bit skeptical about even opening the book (after I agreed to the review). I don’t want to come off as “the crazy dog lady”, but decided to give this a chance. And what happened was that I used the contents to let the book tell me where to go versus starting from the beginning.

I landed on page 122, a page in the chapter about setting the tone. Ranquet talks about belief on these pages – how do we “set the tone” when we’re given an expiration date or decide to adopt a rescue. I held back tears as I thought about what would have happened if we just believed the doctors when they said Wendy only had months to live and we got almost two more years (and a full remission included) with her. Those months would have been dreadful and misterable, instead, we lived, laughed, and loved out loud. It’s the same with a dog. When we took Shadow in, several people expressed concern about her shy behavior (and the fact that she’s likely part pit bull) with our kids. Almost two years later, this beautiful dog is loyal, loving, and probably more attached to our kids than we are (no lie – she paced the house looking for them when they were on vacation). If we believe what we are told from the get go and set the tone that the worst is going to happen, it might. Instead, if we set the tone to be positive, we just might get more love than we expected.

Call me a crazy dog lady, it’s okay. I really do think that my dogs and I (Greg, and the kids too) have connected, and that we communicate. We don’t necessarily need to read Joan Ranquet’s book to understand that, but it’s worth being reminded of it from time to time.


If you’re interested in learning more about Communication with All Life and the companion meditation CD, visit this page for more information.

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