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BlogHer July NaBloPoMo July NaBloPoMo

This post is brought to you by the NaBloPoMo July prompts from BlogHer. This month, I am writing about connections. 

Today’s Prompt: Do you think you still spend the same amount of time connecting in the face-to-face world now that socializing is so easy online?

Absolutely. I love being with people. I am not an introvert, but I am a quiet extrovert. I’d much rather be out and having fun than to be alone. So, it’s an easy answer for me, I still spend the same amount of time connecting face-to-face.

It’s honestly funny that this is tonight’s prompt because my introverted husband just shared this buzzfeed with me, one he connected with on lots of levels. I just shook my head. Opposites do attract, you know.

IMG_7668 (Copy)
Me socializing for my birthday

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