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Last summer, we had a small outbreak of ants, but we were pretty lucky this summer. I can say thanks to Combat for keeping us ant (and probably other bug) free!

This summer, we tried out two Combat products — Source Kill Max Ant Gel and Source Kill Max Ant Bait. The two combined lead to an ant-free summer and have our seal of approval.

The Gel is great for quick attacks, the kind when you see them and know it’s an issue. Simply squirt this gel wherever you see (or suspect) ants have been, and trust. The gel works fast, but also gives the “domino effect”–killing ants back in the colony as the gel’ed ants feed nest before they die. I like to use this in the “cracks” of the cupboards and where the cabinets meet water or electric pipes because it guarantees no ant will make it through. Two other things I love? The gel works in as fast as an hour up to 1 month and it can be used inside or outside. Next year, I am putting a perimeter of this around my strawberries!

The Bait is like a ‘lil house that the ants enter, feed on the bait, and take it back to the nest. Probably my favorite of the two because I don’t worry about the kids getting into the gel. You plop the house down and let it go to work. This can also be used outside, but I preferred to put them on top and just under the fridge and under the baseboard near our garbage drawer. We also have a plant on our toilet, so one behind the toilet is a wise idea, too.

Combat wants to make sure you are protected from ants this summer, too. They’ve offered one lucky reader the chance to get a box of Combat Max Ant Bait. This giveaway will be quick–you only have until Wednesday evening to enter, so enter quickly!

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Also, you can enter to win a chance to win $1000 from Combat by clicking here and entering some quick information.

Disclosure: Combat provided me with a sample of their Ant Bait and Ant Gel so I could review them; however, all of the opinions expressed here (and dead ants) are my own.

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  1. Claire says:

    I just want to be prepared.

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