Coffee in Conway

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I don’t know how I get through the day without cups of coffee, but I’ve never caught on to the addiction. Lately, however, I keep finding the need for it be it through an iced coffee, ghetto mix with hot chocolate, or my scrub.

On Monday, Nurin and I could just tell the day was going to require coffee. My heart was set on a large skinny iced coffee from Wendy’s, a 99 cent treat at home.

We got in the car, navigated the streets of Conway, and pulled up to the drive through to order. Nowhere on the board did I see my treat, but I decided to ask anyways. No go. Ok, so I would just get coffee. I ordered Greg a large, but when I asked for a medium for me, I was told that coffee only comes in small. Well, no thanks, cancel our order.

Time to find another place to get coffee, but where? The closest Starbucks is miles away. It’s not like we are in Pittsburgh where you can throw a rock and hit multiple shops along the path. We decided to head toward the newer section of stores, hoping we’d come across something.

McDonald’s, at the time, seemed like the best idea. The drive-thru line was long, so we decided to go inside and try our luck. Not knowing the nutrition facts, I wondered if they might have a sheet with the information. Before I could ask, we noticed a computer where you could look it up–score, right? I found a cappuccino which was higher in calories than I’d like, but I’d make it work.

Greg’s regular coffee, large, cost $1. Nurin and I ordered our cappuccinos at about $3 each, mediums. You would think these would be amazing considering the cost. When we were handed our coffees, we made the mistake of not taking that first (painful) sip before leaving. Getting in the car, we both took a sip, but neither said a word. After another sip, we agreed these would need re-worked at home. They tasted just like black coffee with a foam on top that I can’t even consider whipped anything. Awful. This was definitely not cappuccino.

Adding chocolate milk and sugar didn’t help, and Greg reported that his wasn’t that great either. We came to the conclusion that gas station coffee was going to be our best option should we want coffee again during this trip. Really?!? Really.

Either that, or we can drive in to the beach and find out if this coffee lives up to its slogan, “impossibly boss”.

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