Circus Xtreme Wrap-Up

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*articles may contain affiliate links* Today’s 30 days of Thankful post is with much thanks to Circus Xtreme from Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey.


Last night, I got to watch our kids’ eyes light up left and right. We joined other families in an exclusive backstage event before Circus Xtreme kicked off their four-day stay in Pittsburgh and then enjoyed opening night together as a family (for the first time ever).

Thanks to the red train coming to town, I’m thankful that…

I got to see sparkle in Ava’s eyes as the acrobats climbed the heights of PPG Paints Arena.


Evan made the connection between the BMX set we saw backstage that was part of the closing act. He was on the edge of his seat for most of the night!


Arianna truly listened as Rebecca (of the 8-person costume team) told us about how the mermaid costumes went from design to completion. (I know this because when they came out, she was first mesmerized and then second anxious because she could not see the fourth/blue mermaid.)


Isla survived the night. This little girl cannot sit still for longer than 10 minutes without getting mad. She stuck it out and didn’t cry too much, clapping along with crowd and lighting up at the camels and horses.


Greg was able to come with us thanks to our family/life balance of him staying home. (The last time the Bigs and I went, he was spending the night putting in one of his first night shifts at the gas station.)


If you’re hoping to have some memorable family moments like we did, Circus Xtreme is in Pittsburgh until November 6.

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