Christmas Morning

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Our Christmas Morning was full of love and laughs.

The day started with keeping Evan as occupied as possible until my parents, Jack, and Arianna arrived. (She spent the night at their house to ensure Santa came there and here after church.) When they got here, the amount of presents under the tree was insanely overwhelming. The adults settled in with coffee and prepared for a repeat of Christmas 2009 (which took four hours to complete, thanks to an OCD one-year old).

Christmas Tree
Our Tree

The kids, however, were quite excited. We sang Happy Birthday to Jesus then cuddled on the couch to read “The Sparkle Box” (which brought tears to my eyes as we recounted all the things we’ve done in the past year). We checked out Santa’s cookie tray, then let these two loose.

IMG_2689 (Copy)

Did you notice the small, tall-ish coordinated boxes at the front of the tree? Let’s call them a Santa (Mama) win. They noticed RIGHT AWAY that they each had four and that they were “Matchy-Match”, so decided to open them first. To prepare for Disney, I purposely bought them princesses and princes in the set. They loved them.

IMG_2698 (Copy)


Evan especially loved Prince Phillip (above) because he was my first boyfriend/husband/baby daddy. The Beast was also a hit – he’s an “action figure” that transforms from Beast to Prince. He actually was the first to pick up on the fact that the other three coordinating boxes MUST hold three more princes…and Arianna’s would hold princesses. So stinkin’ smart!

Arianna and that face. Sigh. She was overly excited about all four (Belle, Tiana, Ariel, and Aurora). She had bigger things to get to, like tearing through her gifts in 35 minutes flat. This was no four hour tour today, and she was a total mess about it.

Evan, on the other hand, was very meticulous about his unwrapping. He would tear, take trash to Pappy, then look at the gift. His eyes filled with wonder as he checked it all out, admiring Arianna’s gifts, too. He probably could tell you every single thing we all got this year.

After a blessed morning opening gifts, we enjoyed ham (recipe from my friend Denise), scalloped potatoes (Suzie’s recipe), and corn casserole (Ella’s recipe). Just a ‘lil  bit later, the kids and my parents loaded up the truck and headed to Myrtle Beach. Greg and I relaxed and enjoyed a movie compliments of three new toys (that hubby of mine deserves being spoiled).

Our Christmas tree light is still shining brightly, even as I write this. This year was a fantastic year of love and memories, and we thank you all for being part of it.

How did you spend your Christmas morning? Feel free to link up in the comments! 

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