Christmas in July

It might sound like just some cheesy sales pitch, but I always like to recognize Christmas in July (even though I really think it should be Christmas in June–six months prior to Christmas, but I digress). We don’t have any cool family traditions (although this year, my cousins’ elected to have a themed “Christmas in July” birthday party), but it’s always nice to recognize this time of year.

Since we try to do a family Christmas letter each year (even if it goes out late or is just posted to the internet), I thought I’d give you a little “Christmas in July” letter to recap what all we’ve been up to the past 7 months since the last one came around.

Dear Family, Friends, and Blogosphere,

Thank you for being a special part of our lives! Wow, the past 7 months sure have flown by quickly (as can be witnessed by A’s hair growth and E’s mad back-bend skills, two things that were non-existent a mere 210 days ago). Thought you’d enjoy a web-version of catching up, so enjoy.

C is for Couponing. Mr. Burgher has caught the couponing spirit and taken over the couponing for the family. Mrs. Burgher still finds deals here and there, but we (and the local charities) have plenty of razors, deodorant, bath soap, shampoo, and pasta for a nuclear fall out. We’ve slowed things up a little here lately (because the Extreme Couponing show has really jolted the business and deals), but that’s ok because we know when a good value hits where to go.

H is for Hair. A has grown loads of beautiful curls since E was born. Looking back at the first pictures of them together, I have to wonder, WHERE IS HER HAIR? It wasn’t there, but it is now. And while I am thinking about hair–shameless promotion–you have just six more days to go vote for our kids to be Gerber babies (on Facebook)! Send me a note if you’d like to know how.

R is for Rowdy. Our playful dog is still rowdy as ever. He loves to “hide” on dark carpet in a dark hallway and trick unsuspecting walkers (it’s his best trick) and chase after stray cats in our backyard (he knows their place).

I is for Infant. Lil Man has just a few months left in infancy, and he’s living up every minute of it. His big blue eyes and ear to ear smile will suck you in for hours of laughs and snuggles if you allow. He is his sister’s best friend and an amazing new addition to our family.

S is for Snow. Anyone missing it? Anyone? Not us–even in the 100 plus degree heat of the past week, thanks.

T is for Travel. Thanks to a few work trips, Mrs. Burgher has been to Las Vegas (with a little pre-weekend trip for Mr. Burgher’s birthday) and San Antonio. As a family, we all went to see our friends outside of Toronto and are anxiously awaiting our trip to Myrtle Beach and Williamsburg as a family. Mrs. Burgher will be making a trek with her scrapbook buddies in the fall, and the kids gifted Mr. Burgher with a mancation weekend in Vegas with cousin DTM. It’s been a big year for us!

M is for Mr. Burgher. Mr. Burgher got his first spa massage in March and deserves a zillion more. He takes such amazing care of our kids during the day (and when I stay late) and Mrs. Burgher’s vertigo and post-baby healing. Our house looks good, clothes are clean, and pool is open because he is so cool like that.

A is for Anniversary. I can’t help but gush more and more about my hubby. We’ve spent two incredible years together and know we have more than a lifetime ahead of us. Sure, everyone is not perfect, but we have found how to make it work. Our parents, excellent role models of marriage, have been a stronghold in our relationship and remind us of how great the institute of marriage is.

S is for Singing. If you haven’t heard A sing “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star” or “Love Like Crazy”, you need to ask her next time you see her. Your heart will fill to the brim, trust me.

Hope yinz ‘all have an amazing Christmas in July!

The ‘Lil Burghers

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