Chocolate Snot

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It was the morning we were leaving for Myrtle Beach. I was in full on “let’s get moving, we said we were leaving a half hour ago” mode and wasn’t being the most patient thing in the world. I crested the top of the stairs and realized Evan was standing on the porch.

He was supposed to be sitting at the table, enjoying a breakfast of pancakes (frozen, please – I have been fired from pancake making since Dana’s visit this summer), cranberries, and dark chocolate chips. (Pro tip – when rushing to get out the door, put the kids at the table with food that will be okay to just grab and go out the door when the husband is finally finished pampering and has decided to help pack the vehicle, ahem. The pancakes did not involve syrup, so they were just fine.)

“Mama, I have chocolate in my nose,” he said, giggling all too much to be a boy who had stuffed chocolate up his nose. I took him into the kitchen under the good lights. Inspecting his nostrils, there was no evidence chocolate was in there, nor was there any stray melted chocolate anywhere on his precious ‘lil face. Good, because the last thing I wanted to do at that very moment was extract chocolate from his nose. Investigating the kids’ bowls, they’d opted to eat all the chocolate first, just like I would have.

With no chocolate remaining, I opted to grab what remained of the kids’ breakfast and load them into the car. Greg soon joined us, and we were off. Please note, I forgot to tell him about the chocolate incident as I pulled out of our spot on the street.

About 70 miles down the road, Evan sneezed. Arianna started to giggle┬áuncontrollably instead of handing him a tissue. “Mama, he told you he had chocolate in his nose!”

I couldn’t turn around, but my navigator took control. “Babe, he has chocolate running down his nose. How the heck did this happen?” I’ll admit, I couldn’t help but laugh a ‘lil as I confessed that Evan said he had chocolate in his nose, but that I hadn’t found it. “Mama, I told you I had chocolate in my nose!”

You sure did, bubby, you sure did.

Chocolate snot is definitely something to be seen, and something that made us quite happy he opted for the chocolate chip up the nose instead of the cranberry. Can you imagine having to explain that one to a hospital over an hour away from home? At least chocolate melts, and once Greg helped him get the rest out, Evan immediately reported, “I can breathe now!”.

I’m still shaking my head, and wishing I had a photo of the moment. My status update (including the spider that attacked seconds after he could breathe) should suffice:



4 thoughts on “Chocolate Snot”

  1. Oh goodness…Well hey, like you said having a chocolate chip up your nose resulting in chocolate snot is way better then something that DOESN’T melt and stay lodged up there!
    When I was younger I shoved a dime up my nose ^.^

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