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Tonight I cuddled our so soon to be two lil miss independent on a recliner at my grandma’s. She had been running between the fish pond, sand box, and grassy field all day without the desire to nap, and it was clearly THAT time.  My clues were her begging for a beekt (blanket) and book, so the husband gets right on finding her brand new Ellie book while I find pull the blanket around her. Not ten seconds after the book closes, she slides to put her head up against my belly, kisses the mass that is her little brother, and is OUT. I am thrilled to have this chance because the kid is rarely a cuddlebug.  Even through her daddy and my uncle cheering on Clemson, she stayed out for one hour minus her adjustment when the baby kicked her in the head. 

This little special moment topped off my day and affirmed my blessing of being a super balancer. It had been a long day at my family reunion and one of my older relatives had been taken to the hospital. While we waited for the ambulance, Ari wanted to stay outside and make sure all was ok (but yes, I took her away). She looked at me and said, “Mama, this is serious”. I had no clue why I gave up podcamp afternoon, but this was why. Even though the emergency wasn’t an immediate family member, it could have been. Our time together is serious, and we have to make every moment great.  Such a blessing to witness the love of a little girl and know that her daddy and I are teaching her that love.  What a great way she has of showing it!

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