CharMinis Deluxe Jewelry Studio

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Enter disclaimer text Arianna was extremely excited to give CharMinis Deluxe Jewelry Studio a try while the kids had some snow days this week. She is our creative kid, so giving her the opportunity to make her own jewelry was pretty cool.

CharMinis Deluxe Jewelry Studio

If your child loves creating their own jewelry pieces, the CharMinis Deluxe Jewelry Studio is a great set for them. The one we got to test out was “Sweet Treats” but there are other themes (like “Fashion Icons”). Each kit has over 100 pieces for making colorful sparkling charms.

The set is recommended for 6+. Arianna worked on her set far from the twins because these pieces are definitely tiny. Dad supervised, but the charms were easy enough for her to put together with some patience. (When you put the charms together, there is water-activated fusing materials on the charms that requires one-minute+ holding the charm together, then it must dry for about 20 minutes.)

Once the charms are created, they can be added to bracelets or necklaces (in the kit) or displayed on the drying stand.

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See the Studio in Action!

Arianna did a quick video to show what you do with this set. She has made a few charms so far, but is very cautious to keep this away from her little sisters.

Doesn’t it seem like a fun toy? Definitely brings out the creative side.

The CharMinis are available on Amazon with an MSRP of $24.99. Add-on packs are also available.

What is your child creating? What do you think of the CharMinis?

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