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Prompt: Who is your favourite character of all time?

This is a super easy one. Nicholas Sparks’ Jamie from “A Walk to Remember”. She reminded me so much of Wendy – the hope, the fight, the love, the dreams.

I remember reading the book the first time. It seems to hit my memory that someone in the family, knowing what we were going through with Wendy, told my mom I had to read it, but that she should be prepared for me to be impacted by it.

Wendy was still alive, but we were at the point of having serious conversations – What church was big enough to hold all of her family and friends? What would her tombstone look like? What would it feel like to lose a granddaughter, a girlfriend, a best friend?

I laughed, I cried, I identified with the pain and happiness throughout. I couldn’t put the book down.

And then, years later, after Wendy had passed and Mandy Moore was cast as Jamie? My heart broke – she looked so much like pre-cancer Wendy. That hair, that happy face. But I went to see it in theaters. I bought the movie version of the book. I bought (and wore out) the cd soundtrack.

And I still want to stand in two places at once. I have a butterfly tattoo. And I’ll always remember my best friend.


This prompt is from NaBloPoMo’s November prompt list.

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