My Half Marathon Journey: Part 10

Follow along with me as I share my half marathon journey – I’ll be running my second half in Pittsburgh on SUNDAY! (Enter disclaimer text)

half marathon journey


If I had a penny for every time I’ve squealed that “It’s Marathon Week”, I’d be a rich woman.

You guys. It’s Marathon Week (squeal!).

This journey has been a good one. It’s been mentally and physically tough and rewarding, as a run like this should be. It’s brought me to tears of pain and tears of joy. It’s shown me just how much love abounds in my life. And it’s got me back on track to be a healthy mama to my kids (again).

Sunday is about more than the run. It’s about believing in myself and knowing that I didn’t do this alone. It is totally a God thing.

Training Plan Status

Sunday 4/30: Rest, which meant lots of time in the hammock and listening to the rain (later in the day).

Monday 5/1: What things are ahead for me must be amazing. The heat was there, I mean THERE. It had to have been mid-70s and I just couldn’t breathe, but dang did I run. I didn’t believe my MapMyRun or my FitBit, but both matched and this run had me feeling all the things great about Pittsburgh running. Distance: 3 miles Pace: 12’25” per mile

Tuesday 5/2: Tapering is no fun but NEEDED. I did a 5-4-3-2-1 HITT with Arianna and felt so lame. But right. Can that make sense?

Wednesday 5/3: Another Wednesday run that proves all the other runs wrong. The temperature was perfect for my asthma. I felt like I was just out for a casual stroll, not even a jog. Just before mile one (at 30th street), I looked up and saw a Pittsburgh Marathon van driving “the course”. I got giddy, thinking maybe they were invading my run, asking me to be an official blogger for the Pittsburgh Marathon for 2018, or maybe asking me to share my running story with them on the highlights with UPMC. When they kept going, I sighed a small bit of relief because while being one of their official bloggers is a goal for me, busting my butt to decrease my pace was a goal, too! Then my phone said “1 mile complete. Time, 11’22 per mile” and I about fell over. No way. Yes way. AHHHH! The amazingness of this run continued, even with an increase in pace as my path went through the Strip district and I had to wait for cars and other pedestrians. In the end, it was my best training run. Distance: 3 miles Pace: 11’55” per mile

Thursday 5/4: Again, tapering, so no YFit. I went to the Y and did 10 minutes on the treadmill at a slow walk with a 45-second 10’54” run every 2 minutes. Next, I did some YFit moves with really super light weights. When Greg got back from his last run before he does the Relay, I called my gym time done.

Friday 5/5: Here we are. The end of my training. I did a shakeout run this morning in the rain. I felt like a slow motion running scene in a movie, ridiculous but what I needed. It was slow, but the pace I need to be at or under on Sunday. Distance: 1.31 miles Pace: 13’12” per mile

Current Progress

February Miles (follow me on Nike+): 35.91
February Average Pace: 13’32”

March Miles: 60.05
March Average Pace: 13’21”

April Miles: 60.12
April Average Pace: 13’15”

May Miles: 7.33
May Average Pace: 12’29”

Current Projected Finish Time at May Pace: 2:43 (-10 minutes from my 2013 pace of 13:13 / 2:53)
Current Projected Finish Time average of all training (13’10”): 2:52’48” (-12 seconds from my 2013 pace of 13:13 / 2:53)

What’s coming up next? Packet pickup and Expo, resting tomorrow/work Marathon dinner, then THE BIG DAY.


If you’re running in the 2017 Pittsburgh Marathon events, let me know. Be sure to follow along on my social media – I’ll be using #fitmomintheremaking #pghmarathon and #runpgh with my shares!

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Coffee Date

coffee date

Yesterday, thanks to a flub at Dunkin, I got to spend some time with my girl on a coffee date. We sat and talked for almost an hour, sipping our coffees. 

These precious moments brought up things like her plans to play softball this spring and her current “when I grow up” (state trooper). 

It’s still hard to believe that 9 years ago I had no clue how the baby that made me crave coffee would change my world. 

Thriving: My 2016 Word of the Year

Back in January, I set my intentions. I wanted to focus on thriving, to become a better version of me. There were goals around family, faith, fun, fitness, and food. Now is the time to talk about how that went…right?

The year was pretty eventful in our house and family. Heck. This month has been pretty eventful for us. If you read my list of things I “googled” this year that I didn’t think I would, you know some of these things. At this point, we’ve had almost every appliance that came with the house fail (three remain, one could have been deadly). We watched all four kids grow by leaps and bounds. Greg and I both changed jobs, learning to navigate this new way of life, together. My blog and small business grew, but nowhere near the goals I had set for myself. Through the highs and lows, we’ve stuck together. Sure, there was some yelling and some craziness, but we are stronger together and thriving.

When it comes to faith, I can honestly say I’ve never felt more faithful, even in these recent times of hectic life. We’ve prayed harder than ever and been blessed (in both tests and triumphs). We’ve gained family in our church friends. Evan joined Rangers and we joined a home group, studying relationships. I dug more into my journaling bible and picked up a guitar to try to worship more. This was definitely a plus one in the thriving category.

There was lots of fun to be had, between trips as a family (NYC and Wisconsin) and me for business (San Francisco and Orlando) and the daily routines of imaginative play and Sesame Street watching. The fun factor was definitely a thriving area.

The first parts of the year in the way of fitness were rough to say the least. I was training for the Y’s April 5k, only to wake up the morning of to two inches of snow. My brain said pull the covers back up and I did so for almost six months. Finally, in August I ran my first 5k post-partum and took first place in my age division (cough cough). Next came YFit and the decision to start training for the 2017 Pittsburgh Half (and now my first public admission that I can’t wait to follow me there again). Frankly, I started and ended the year weighing the same, wearing the same clothes (ugh). We’ll go with fitness being a work in progress but thriving nonetheless.

And food. See above, eh? I tried, but even with Greg’s Garden, I just couldn’t get the food thing right. Over the next few days, I plan on reading a book about relationships with food and perhaps following a refresh up with an updated way of eating, too. Other than the awesomeness that was the garden, the thriving could have been better here.

All in all, tests and everything, tonight I look back at 2016 and am glad for the lessons learned and memories made. It was truly a great year of thriving.


Bonus: Here is my 2016 Best Nine from Instagram. Want to get your’s? Go to and connect your Instagram. Be sure to follow me there, too!

2016 best nine

Our Boy is Six


It is your day. Your six day. Six! 

Six years of silly smiles and songs. Six years of guessing games and coloring. Six years of baseball blanket. Six years of those eyes. 

You are a fast learner and are doing awesome at school. You love Ninja Turtles, Star Wars, and Avengers. You love playing soccer and want to be a soccer player when you grow up. You’re fiercely proud of your sisters and are a good helper. 

You have a crazy good love for Jesus and He’s set your soul on fire. You love being part of Rangers and have become good friends with the boys in it, partying with them today even. 

Evan, we hope that you enjoy every day of being six. Keep making us proud, Bubby!

Disney on Ice Presents Dare to Dream

Enter disclaimer text This post, Disney on Ice presents Dare to Dream is one such post.

It’s going to be super hard to switch right back to “normal life” after yesterday’s post, but I am so thankful to you all for the love and support. It’s helping me get back to normal, like celebrating everything with all the kids. We’ll be doing so when we go to the event described below. Thanks and love! 

Disney on Ice Presents Dare to Dream

Coming to Pittsburgh this week is Disney on Ice presents Dare to Dream. It will be a “show of royal proportions” and a great way to get your family in the mood to celebrate.


Information on the show from Feld Entertainment:

Join Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Donald and Goofy as they follow four of Disney’s most inspirational princesses on their adventures to fulfill their dreams in Feld Entertainment’s newest ice spectacular, Disney On Ice presents Dare to Dream. Combining the contemporary stories of two modern-day princesses, Rapunzel and Tiana, with the classic elegance of Cinderella and Snow White, Dare to Dream whisks audiences away on exciting journeys where dreams really do come true.

Audiences begin their magical, musical voyage in New Orleans celebrating the story of The Princess and the Frog with Princess Tiana and Prince Naveen, and then escape into the enchanted forest with Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. The trip continues to Cinderella’s kingdom in her search for true love and follows Rapunzel as she discovers the world beyond her tower on her quest to see the floating lanterns. The Disney Princesses then come together for the first time on ice during the finale, to welcome Rapunzel into their royal court in the ultimate princess experience.


Not going to lie, I was super excited to meet Rapunzel and Tiana when I was last at Disney, so I’m kinda geeking out over here. (We’ll be going to opening night on Friday – let us know if you’re going, too!)


Friday, December 9: 7 PM
Saturday, December 10:  11 AM, 3 PM, 7PM
Sunday, December 11 – 12 PM, 4 PM

THROUGH TODAY you can save $5 off on select tickets and performances when you use code MOM16 through their ticket site. (Restrictions, exclusions, and additional fees may apply. Tickets will still be available after this offer expires on 12/4, but are going fast!)

Here are some fun PDFs you can download and print to have some of the Disney on Ice presents Dare to Dream fun at home. Enjoy!

Activity Sheet

Minnie Ears

Mickey Ears

If you could be a Disney character, which would you be and why?