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Share the Slide

The Big Kids have a plastic slide. This slide is honestly way too small for them, but they’ve yet to realize that they’ve outgrown it. It never fails, when we have a crisp fall Sunday afternoon, I find myself reminding them that they need to share the slide and not push each other down the foot and a half of fun it provides because they are too anxious to enjoy the short thrill themselves. keep reading


Go Float. It’s seriously what I want to tell all the world. Especially as I start another crazy/busy work week and am anxious about all the things that are on my to-do list. Mama really needs to float. ()

What’s floating, you ask? I wondered that myself after I got a ‘lil nebby on Twitter. The Taco Truck (LA Tacos) happened to tweet about Levity, a float studio, to one of their followers…thus started my rabbit hole of learning about floating and escalating to getting a float session on my calendar / chatting about all things float with Dave, owner of Levity. keep reading

You Earned This

Today is the last day of my company’s fiscal year. It is a time to reflect and think back. To remember all the challenges that we overcame. To tell those leaving us “so long”. To tell those retiring you earned this.

Yesterday I worked from home with the full intention to reflect on my year, to assess myself. My goal was to do my self review and gather up my positives and negatives from the year. The goal, of course, is to highlight the wins so that when raise discussions come around, my boss can say you earned this. keep reading

My Succulents

I took (and posted) three selfies over on Instagram yesterday. When trying to find a photo to write about for this post, I was like, oops…share one of my succulents instead?

And then I got thinking about my succulents. They survive in drought and heat. They retain water for when they need it. They overcome (everything except for being eaten by a big, silly dog, RIP my first crop of Hens and Chicks). Wouldn’t you want to be like a succulent? keep reading

Let Me Out

Being stuck in the house the past 4 weeks + 18 days before that have driven me stir crazy. This Mama is a go-er. A do-er. So it should be no surprise that my body and brain have been screaming, begging: let me out.

When you have been healing from a major surgery that the incision re-opened causing you to have to see a home nurse each day to be repacked, you scream it: let me out. keep reading

Unity in Diversity

Last night, I couldn’t sleep. We don’t have cable and my wireless has basically puttered out. My days are spent in bed or on the couch or at the hospital or doctor’s office or occasionally accompanying Greg to get Evan from school.  This means I haven’t kept up on my current events (shame on me) and hadn’t heard about Baltimore in as timely a manner as I usually would have; however, I did find out about the riots just before going to bed. This didn’t bode well. keep reading

The Real Reason I Cried at Sweet Frog

Yesterday was my 32nd birthday. I got the greatest gifts when the twins were born a week ago (I’d insert a link to their birth story here, but my posts are limited to mobile this week because all the snuggles all the time).

There was no need for a fancy cake (still have their welcome home cake, a family tradition). There was no need for balloons (there’s a few princess balloons floating around from Grammie’s traditional gift). There was no need for flowers (Grandma filled our home with greenhouse goods last week). There was no need for gifts (have you seen the girls yet?!?! …if not, you need to be following on Instagram and like our Facebook page). There was, however, a need to eat a real dinner that wasn’t leftovers from the week before I had the girls. keep reading

Keep Scrubbing

I want to start off this post with a few warnings and notes. 1. I know I am writing about the past and need to try to forgive, forget, and move on…but sometimes that is just not easy and writing helps me cope. 2. Greg and I are fine…tense due to pregnancy hormones and adjusting to a new schedule but this is NOT in any means a sign that we are in turmoil. 3. This is my space…my place where I want the kids to one day come and understand a lil bit more about the me that is their mom…and sadly, these are things their mom has to deal with. And 4. With all the DV topics surrounding the Grammys and other media, it’s hard not to have this issue on my mind. This post is sensitive and contains some history about me and my past so you’ve been alerted in advance. keep reading