Kids Virtual 10 | EQT 10 Miler

It’s time to announce another Pittsburgh running event with an option for lil Burghers – the 2020 EQT 10 Miler’s Kids Virtual 10! Our mom will be running the adult version (the EQT 10 Miler) on November 8 – be sure yinz tell the parents about that (or send them to her blog for more info).

Kids Virtual 10

EQT 10 Miler | Kids Virtual 10

Here is what you need to know:

  • Race Type: Challenge! Kids will complete 10 fitness activities at home or wherever they chose
  • Medal: YES
  • Swag – YES! a mini Pittsburgh Box celebrating Pittsburgh fun!
  • Register here!
  • Cost: $15

Why Register

Pittsburgh’s running community loves supporting kids who want to get out and be active. We are four of those kiddos! This challenge is new and a first for P3R to offer. With 10 activities to complete for this challenge, the Kids Virtual 10 should present some fun options to get families out and moving this fall.

Who will you complete your challenges with this year? What challenges do you think will be part of the 10 to complete the challenge?

Check out other 2020 P3R events here – some with promotional codes to save on registration! Looking for a road race for your ‘lil Burghers? There’s still time to get in on the Liberty Mile or the Junior Great Race in 2020!

Below are details for kids AND parents to register. Good luck, runners!

Live EQT 10 Miler
Virtual EQT 10 Miler
Kids EQT 10 Miler
* Code WILLIS10 does NOT save 10% on the Kids Virtual 10 *

Kids of STEEL Challenge

The Kids of STEEL team has some exciting news for Pittsburgh kiddos who love to run. Similar to the RUNwithP3R Challenge, your child can earn an extra medal by completing the Kids of STEEL Challenge in 2020!

What is the Kids of STEEL Challenge?

By running three designated races (each a one mile distance), the 2020 Kids of STEEL Challenge will help keep Pittsburgh kids running this summer and fall. The three races to complete are:

  1. Pittsburgh Kids Marathon ✅ (would need to have ran this in May 2020)
  2. Fleet Feet Liberty Mile 🔲 more details here
  3. Dollar Bank Junior Great Race 🔲 more details here
source: Kidsofsteel on Facebook

Kids will get this fourth medal in addition to the other three they earned running those races! There are over 4,000 kids who ran a virtual race in May that are eligible for this challenge – will you be one of the ‘lil Burghers who takes this challenge on?

Facts about Kids of STEEL

Our friends at P3R, the engine behind Pittsburgh’s running events, shared the following with us about Kids of STEEL:

  • 2020 Kids of STEEL Challenge Medal inspires kids and their families to stay moving together throughout the whole year. 
  • Over 8,000 Kids in the Kids of STEEL program in 2020.
  • Nearly 4,000 ran a virtual race in May.
  • The challenge to complete all 3 races (Chick-fil-A Pittsburgh Kids Marathon + Fleet Feet Liberty Mile + Dollar Bank Junior Great Race) is great motivation to keep moving and build healthy habits, and more importantly, stick to them all year.
  • The Chick-fil-A Pittsburgh Kids Marathon is the most popular of the youth races and is sometimes their first race experience. We want them to build off of this foundation of running with P3R!

PS: Kids – be sure to check out this FREE youth training guide from Kids Of Steel AND follow them on Instagram (@kidsofsteelpgh) for running workouts!

2020 Fleet Feet Liberty Mile

Do you know what is “short, fast and fun for the whole family”? This summer (by August 7), record your fastest one mile run with the Fleet Feet Liberty Mile! It is a race any ‘Burgher can take on anywhere at any time!

With so many road races going virtual in 2020, families have the chance to move together all year long and P3R, the engine behind Pittsburgh’s greatest races, is committed to continue inspiring any and all to run in these unprecedented times.


The Fleet Feet Liberty Mile has been a race on mom’s radar for a few years – it is a personal challenge to log a “PB” – a personal best – at this distance. When the race was an in-person event, it ran down Liberty Avenue in Pittsburgh – a fast and flat part of our beloved Pittsburgh Marathon course. The excitement of a race like this was high, but it happened on Friday evenings and always seemed to be the same time she’d be away for a work conference. This year, we will all be able to run it “solo together” – logging our best miles locally!

What is the benefit of registering (and paying $15) to run this virtual race? You will still get (for a $5 shipping fee) your shirt and medal. (2020 is the first year this race is offering a medal!) You’ll be part of continuing Pittsburgh’s traditions of running…and maybe start a tradition of your own!

The Fleet Feet Liberty Mile is open to ALL AGES. You can register here and record your times by August 7, 2020. Happy running!

PS: Kids – be sure to check out this FREE youth training guide from Kids Of Steel AND follow them on Instagram (@kidsofsteelpgh) for running workouts!

Ready for Running

The post below is part of a series of posts about the DICK’S Sporting Goods Pittsburgh Marathon weekend of events for which the mama behind this blog was selected to be a 2019 Pittsburgh Marathon official blogger. She has received my race registration fee in exchange for promotion of the event. All opinions are 100% our own.  This post also contains affiliate links.

As we get closer and closer (six weeks tomorrow to race day for the DICK’S Sporting Goods Pittsburgh Marathon weekend), it’s time to start thinking about what you’ll need to be “ready for running” (as my kids say when I am getting geared up). Below are some suggestions from our family, but we’d also love to hear what you will be making sure is part of your gear for race weekend. Make sure to comment below with your must-have gear!

Ready for Running: What Our Gear Looks Like

Bag Check Items – Last year mom shared a post about what needed to be in her race day bag. Check it out here if you haven’t read or need a refresher. These items have been tried and true for all the races since – what would you add to that list?

Balega Socks – For the feet, we’ve got a personal preference for Balega running socks not just because they have South African roots (like mom’s previous company) but they are so soft and make your feet feel amazing when you run.

Nuun Sport – Nuun is the official hydration partner for the DICK’S Sporting Goods Pittsburgh Marathon. This is a sugar-free alternative to those higher sugar sports drinks and it is even tastier. It comes in a tube which when paired with our ever-present cooler full of water bottles makes it super handy for on-the-go families. There are many flavors like this one was in lemon-lime (currently in rotation at our house) or mango orange (so excited to try that one!)

Ready.Set.MOVE Box – Sometimes getting the chance to “try before you buy” gets you hooked on gear. This year, P3REvents (the team behind the DICK’S Sporting Goods Pittsburgh Marathon and other Pittsburgh running events) debuted a running subscription box that is shipped out quarterly. Check out the January box here. Love it? There’s still time to subscribe for April’s box and it will arrive on time for the weekend of Marathon events. (PRO TIP: Use code BECKYBLOG when you check out and you’ll get an extra gift in your April box!)


Event Alert: Yinzer 5k and Lil’ Yinzer

I was asked to share information on the Yinzer 5k and Lil’ Yinzer here on my blog. As I love running and our city and organizations doing good things, I agreed to let yinz know about this event! 

Source: Light of Life

Light of Life  Rescue Mission is holding their fun run to benefit their mission (to “provide a home for the homeless and food for the hungry, and will build disciples for the Kingdom of God among the poor, addicted, abused and needy”).  The event on June 16, 2018 will include a 5k run and a fun run (less than one mile) for the kids.

What: Yinzer 5k and Lil’ Yinzer Fun Run

When: Saturday, June 16, 2018 with registration starting at 8 a.m.

Where: Across from Stage AE/Heinz Field


What to Wear: Your best black and gold attire!

Where to Get More Information: Light of Life’s event page

Following the event, there will be prizes and Yinzer food.

Is this race on your summer list? Yinz better get it on there soon! Happy racing!



EQT Pittsburgh 10 Miler 2017

In my journey to get back to the fit mom I was in 2013-14, I set my goals to run again. It’s been about two years in the making, but I think I’m finally back as a distance runner (it only took two good, long races to make me feel that way). Today’s race was the EQT Pittsburgh 10 Miler, a fall favorite here in Pittsburgh.

As for documenting my training, it didn’t happen like it had for May’s Pittsburgh Half Marathon because life was pretty busy this fall. But if you’re following over on my Instagram (which you should be for mini blogs!), you’d see that I have been working really hard and had some really good runs the last few weeks (and had a lot of life sprinkled in between my training).

The first (and only other) time I ran the EQT Pittsburgh 10 Miler was its inaugural run in 2013. I was faster back then, but that pace is definitely not out of my reach for 2018! You see, I’m definitely feeling four years older and added two more kids to this family since then. But this mama is definitely back to her running game!

Friday at packet pickup, I felt on top of the world!

So how’d it go? Marvelous! I could sit here and tell you I was mad about my pace and that the wheels fell off like they did for the Half, but that wouldn’t be true. I think I was the proudest I’ve ever been of myself with the exception of the 2013 Pittsburgh Half Marathon (my first big race)! Add to this, I did it at day 5 of a sinus infection I’ve just been treating with Essential Oils and prayer as well as an achy right leg from some bumps that happened on Thursday and Saturday (I so should have bubble wrapped myself).

I opted to keep my phone off because ever since the last two updates, my Galaxy has been sucking battery life like there’s no tomorrow. Instead, I ran with my Fitbit (which is a must-have for my fitness journey and is available over on Amazon if I’ve inspired you to get moving) to keep a check on my heart rate and pace. Unfortunately, because of this, I don’t have my splits but I do have what my head and heart went through throughout.

EQT Pittsburgh 10 Miler 2017

The day began at about 6, we woke up all the kids and loaded the van. The original plan was to walk from First Avenue Garage to Highmark Stadium, but the rain on our drive down changed that plan. Instead, Greg drove me as close to Station Square as he could then he back-tracked to park and head over to the Rachel Carson Bridge to cheer me on. I found my way to the corral, texted my boss to wish him luck and decided where to place myself for the best pace I could. Corral D was super empty, so I was worried I’d be right in front of the sweep vehicle!

Mile 1: This mile, basically straight up a hill then about half mile flat and another uphill through Carson Street felt so good. I’d positioned myself in front of the 11:00/mile pace group and kept them behind me for much of mile one. The 11:00/mile and 11:30/mile passed me just before the end of this mile, but my FitBit said I was doing basically 11:25.

Mile 2: West End. This is basically all uphill, too. That felt right and awesome, but I kept a back and forth with the 12:00/mile pace groups and knew my clock wasn’t quite right. I’d heard the 12:00 pace group yell “11:46” at mile one back behind me then 11:50-something at the end of mile 2 (again behind me), so I knew I was faster than I thought I could do this and happy.

Mile 3: West End Bridge, do I need to say more?

Mile 4: The climb up Western Avenue basically slowed things down a bit. I ended up walking the end of this mile for 30 seconds because that hill was biting me! I also realized how quiet the course was and it kinda bummed me out.

Mile 5: North Side // passing the Relay Exchange felt good – there’s a bit of downhill through here, so I upped my pace again and could see the 12:00/mile groups just ahead of me. I remembered passing the relay and thinking the exchange was way sooner than five miles (and it was).

Mile 6: Rachel Carson Bridge brought me to the first sight of my family. They were happy to see me twice around the Fort Duquesne Boulevard loop, and I was, too. Greg yelled that I was doing 12:12, and I shrugged, like oh well, no PR but I feel GREAT.

Mile 7: The hip started to feel awful. The hill up to East Ohio Street to the 16th Street Bridge was long and I walked a bit more than I like to admit. I stopped to stretch my hip and catch some breaths. The rest of the course was exactly what I’d trained on and my body knew it, but I was also scared I’d quit when I saw Greg and the kids again at the end of this mile. I stopped to high five my five hearts at the end of 16th Street Bridge and tell Greg I was in a bit of pain. But no pain, no gain.

Mile 8: Penn Avenue is my training grounds. I swore I’d have done better, but the rain started. There were also spectators and a lot of volunteers/medics in this section due to the switchback we did onto Smallman and Penn to get back to Liberty. I remember a biker almost hitting me during that switch and a police trying to stop them from being on the course with no avail. Oops!

Mile 9: I walked the first and last minutes of this mile. It is what it is. At that point, my hip was burning and I needed it. The rain started to come down and I was pretty much soaked. I love running in the rain, but not when I’m hurting! This flat stretch of Liberty seemed excruciatingly long, but I could see the mile 9 timer ahead!

Mile 10: I told myself to just run this thing and I did. My FitBit says around 11:30 to 11:04/mile when I was pushing it. I jumped into a puddle. I swore I saw a rainbow over the EQT building. I saw the family again but needed to put my head down and RUN. I couldn’t do the math as I crossed but I knew I beat my goal of under 13:00/mile and was ecstatic.

After the race, I grabbed my medal and heat sheet (so glad I did) and a banana (gosh, I’ve missed these with Keto, but I needed it for my sluggish legs as they started to cramp quickly). Some Gatorade (again, not Keto but my ear was ringing and I appreciated the sugar shock for a moment) and water then my bubbly from Barefoot over at BRGR. I didn’t even turn on my phone to meet up with Greg and the kids because I just wanted to do all the post-race things quickly…thunder was rolling and lightning started soon after!

We met up and took the T back to the van, Greg told me my pace and I basically didn’t care. I mean, I had some thoughts but those are all silly. Would it have been great to PR? Yes. Would it have been great to do a sub 2? Yes. Would it have been great to knock a whole minute off my Half pace? Yes. But you know what? For feeling like I did + the rain and weird November heat surge, this race was AMAZING and I’m sticking to it.

EQT Pittsburgh 10 Miler Official Results

2:07:08 | 12:43/mile

What’s next? I haven’t decided yet. I’d love a Kittanning Turkey Trot, but we don’t have one and I really don’t feel up to driving downtown then home then to family Thanksgiving. I think I’ll keep running, do some 5-6 milers on weekends and be in really good shape for the 2018 Pittsburgh HALF Marathon (that bold is for those of you who think I am crazy and can actually pull off a full with four young kids, that day’s coming, but not next year!).


My Half Marathon Journey: Race Recap

It’s time for the final post in my 2017 half marathon journey – the race recap! (Enter disclaimer text)

half marathon journey



It’s hard to believe that almost a week has gone by since the 2017 Dick’s Sporting Goods Pittsburgh Marathon (in which I ran my second Half Marathon). Life has been super busy ever since the weekend of the race and has finally slowed down enough for me to breathe and think about the run. It’s race recap time!

Race Recap – The Prep

The Flat Lay: It’s tradition before a race to put together your race outfit, the flat lay. I put Flat Becky together before we headed to dinner, but this is when my nerves set it. I knew I’d be a mix of cold then hot and I started to freak out. I decided to go with my Fila pants (with some mesh around the calves) and the work running t-shirt, nothing under or over it. But maybe something under it. Or not. (I’d decide later that night to go with my 2013 Turkey Trot long sleeve under it, a decision I now regret). The Bigs asked that I wear my hat, which I was perfectly fine with as the day looked like it might be a bit rainy and overcast (in hindsight, ha).

flat lay

Carb-Loading Dinner: Work put on a beautiful dinner at the St. Clair Country Club, but I was challenged by the carb-loading part of race day prep (thanks to my body’s dislike of gluten since Whole30). I gave in and had some tortellini and even though I sort of regretted it that night, I did not regret the energy the next morning. Greg and I got all fancy but forgot to grab a photo with our phones.

Sleep: Plain and simple, it came super easy. Big props to my mom who stayed the night so we could sneak in (although Isla and Arianna woke on our arrival) and out. With about 6 hours of sleep, I figured this would bode well.


Race Recap – Before the Start

Mile 0 – Getting to the Half: Greg and I woke at 4:00 AM and left the house by 4:45. We were parked and waiting by 5:30 – decided (correctly) to get a spot in a garage on the North Shore. It was only $5 and connected right to the “T”, which took us right where we needed to be, Gateway Plaza.

I had to find the porta-potties twice because nerves. We wrapped in garbage bags but I wasn’t sure if I was too cold or too warm. Greg and I parted ways at about 6:45 – me to Corral D and he to Corral C. I was worried I’d not given him enough time, but it turned out we had plenty.

After the National Anthem played, we waited and waited. I’d taken my inhaler but needed to take it again because almost an hour passed between when I thought I’d need to take it to start. I gave up my garbage bag early, around 7:15, and wished I’d still had it. The gun time was delayed because there were cars on the course. It ended up not being time for us back of the packers to go until 7:45.

I crossed the starting line at 7:49 AM.

Mile by Mile Breakdown: The Good Half

I used my FitBit to conserve my phone battery – because I killed my phone in 2013 – and it logged 13.44 miles. Something was definitely off, but I’m using that for my mile breakdown. This is the unofficial time! 

Mile 1: The fast one. Pace: 11’46”

This seems to be the one that always gets my heart pumping and my legs moving. It’s always fast, even with others who are trying to navigate their way through the swarm of people trying to run their first mile, too. We were still pretty packed in, like sardines, but I made the best of it and worked my zig-zag. I felt good, just right in the heat department, but shedding the gloves as we went down Liberty.

To my left, a guy caught a garbage bag and went spinning top over bottom for about 15 feet, saving his landing and moving on. I was impressed!

To my right, there were four guys, Marathoners, running in Star Wars costumes. I’d see them until we broke at mile 11. Behind me was the 12’35” pace group, the group I wanted to stay ahead of. About 0.5 miles in, they lost me – gone to the point I couldn’t see them anymore and to the point I was scared this wasn’t going to go well. It was too early to feel that, but I felt that.

Interestingly, my FitBit showed 1 mile just as I got to the 1 mile marker, and my time was an exact match on the clock (against gun time).

Mile 2: The Familiar One. Pace: 11’53”

This began my familiar trail, the roads I run at lunch. I knew this section of the course so well, I could have closed my eyes and did it. This felt so good and I didn’t see things going downhill in any way. Who cares that I couldn’t see the pacers any more, what I knew was no others had passed me from behind and were nowhere to be seen behind me, either.

I snuck a peak down toward my office, thanking God for the changes in me since taking this job, for the way they support this running thing. Next thing I knew, mile 2 was DONE.

Mile 3: The 16th Street Bridge. Pace: 13’23” 

This one felt like it took forever, like it was stretched out farther than I remember during my training. I felt good as I took the hill to the bridge and kept my eyes on those around me who seemed to be pacing about the same as me. I prayed for them to keep up their pace and endurance because I was motivated by them.

Mile 4: East Ohio Street. Pace: 13’25”

This was a mile I could have done better on. It was mostly flat, save for the journey up to East Ohio, and full of people cheering. I’ll be honest, I don’t remember seeing the 4-mile marker, but I know it was there.

Mile 5: Downhill and Excited. Pace: 12’56”

I knew my pace had slowed a little, but I wasn’t discouraged. We were looping around the North Side with some downhills and water stations. I was encouraged going uphill to the Urban Impact cheer team, fiving the crowd. This mile felt good and I knew I’d round a corner any second and see Greg (who had finished his 5.3 mile leg about 30 minutes after I took off).

Mile 6: Cranky begins. Pace: 12’48”

As this one started, I saw Greg. He had beat his goal for his relay leg and looked excited. I handed off my gloves then asked him if he’d gotten a text about my time. He hadn’t. But wait, he had, so he came running after me. He told me my average pace at 4.4 was 13’11”. I pouted. This wasn’t going to be a PR at that pace. What was going wrong? I felt so good and now so confused. I was passing PNC Park then Heinz Field, I should have been so happy. This part of the course was ROUGH – lots of pot holes. Eep. Something kicked in, though, and I tried to make up for the time.

Mile by Mile Breakdown: The Bad Miles

Mile 7: The West End Bridge. Pace: 13’47”

As I headed toward the West End Bridge, the cold got to me. I didn’t feel trained, I felt like an imposter. I slowed to a walk as I crested the hill to the bridge, trying to get it back together. I started to jog and a $20 bill flew under my feet. Not even money was gonna stop me. With the walk, this was one of my slower miles, but I felt a fire in me that I didn’t want to let out.

Mile 8: The inhaler part one. Pace: 13’52”

In the West End, the spectators rocked, as usual. One of them was a college friend. She probably doesn’t know it, but I high fived her as I went by. I swore I was actually moving in the West End, but as I got to the end where we head up and out, my lungs were screaming. I stepped to the side and grabbed some energy gels and two puffs of my inhaler. I realized I was no longer cold, but not hot.

Mile 9: The strip club. Pace: 13’01”

As the course took us through Carson Street, the sun started to shine and I started to feel woozy. Really woozy. Like I was going to need a medic. I realized I was starting to overheat, quickly. How the heck, when all the spectators were bundled up in hats and gloves? After I ran past a line of soldiers, high fiving us, I knew I needed to do something to get cooled off. A cup of water to the chest and back didn’t help, so I tried to take off my long-sleeve. It was stuck, so I had to go to the side of the road and peel it off then put my other shirt back on. It wasn’t pretty, but it was necessary. At this point (TMI ALERT) I also realized being a woman brings its own fun challenges to the race – I NEEDED a bathroom but I was not going to stop to make any adjustments. Eep. 

Mile 10: The smack. Pace: 13’39”

Greg had traveled across town to see me at the 2nd relay exchange. When I saw him, I stopped. My first intention was to give him my long-sleeve, but then I told him I was done and ready to quit. I was physically uncomfortable and way too hot. That’s when the asthma attack started. It’s also when he told me how proud of me he was and that I needed to take my inhaler and get moving (SMACK!). So move, I did.

Mile 11: The flat-ish one. Pace: 13’07”

The course boasts this as the flatest mile. Sure, it wasn’t bad, but I was disappointed that there was no gu and barely any water at this point. I saw my kids’ faces in my mind and kept pushing, crying, but pushing. I watched the time on my FitBit slip quickly from an average of 12’45” per mile to 13’01” and stay there for most of this mile.

Mile 12: The worst. Pace: 14’59”

There’s no nice way about this one. I was done with hills. My broken toe was throbbing. My pants felt so heavy and I was afraid I was going to pass out. My shirt was drenched in sweat, but I couldn’t get cooled down. I decided to power walk this entire mile, across the Birmingham Bridge and up Fifth Avenue. I don’t know how I ran this mile in 2013, but I did. As soon as I got to Jumonville, I knew I wasn’t going to be swpt, so I told my body to get it’s act together. According to my FitBit, I was still going to PR if I just kept moving.

Mile by Mile Breakdown: The Finish

Mile 13: Like the wind. Pace: 12’11”

Get it together, I did. I flew down Fifth Avenue, refusing any more water. I felt good all over again, because I’d lived through the uphill battle. I barely had time to realize we were running past PPG Paints Arena or to realize how close I was to the finish.

Mile 13.1 (then some?): The tears. Pace: 11′17″

I zipped through the final steps. My FitBit told me I was done, and when I saw the time and the fact that I had the official 13-mile marker just ahead in my sight, I knew a PR was not going to happen. I cried my way to the finish line, pushing hard (especially when I saw Greg) and not stopping until I crossed into the end. It wasn’t enough, to PR, but it was enough to finish. I didn’t quit, and I could have.

I cried as I was handed my medal. I cried as I got my finisher’s photo taken. I cried because I did this again, 4 years, +2 more kids, -30 pounds +75 pounds – 25 pounds, + a major surgery,+ a job change, + a move, + so many other things later. I felt mad about not PR’ing, but so proud.

Once I found Greg, I saw the pride in his face. He had talked to the kids and they were proud, but I needed to hear it.

Once I did, all my anger at myself went away and I enjoyed time with my hubby and co-workers.

Will I do it again? Abso-buc’n-lutely. I cannot wait for 2018.


Unofficial: 13.44 miles, 2:55:54 minutes, 13’05” pace

Official: 13.1 miles, 2:55:43 minutes, 13’25” pace


My Half Marathon Journey: Part 9

Follow along with me as I share my half marathon journey – I’ll be running my second half in Pittsburgh this May – with weekly updates. (Enter disclaimer text)

half marathon journey


Well, here it goes! Tapering is upon us. I’ve slowed down in impact and duration and am trying not to scream every morning that it’s X days until the Half. But I can’t help it, this is quite exciting for me! This time next week, I’ll be at dinner with my co-workers (and Greg), relaxing before a quick sleep and the race. I’m pretty much ready, but need to go for prayers tomorrow and have my dad and mom pray with us on Saturday. Otherwise, I’m feeling awesome – keep reading to hear how this week went!

Training Plan Status

Saturday 4/22: Caught the stomach bug and couldn’t shake it. Sad that I didn’t get my 11-miler in, but my abs sure got a workout last week. Ugh.

Sunday 4/23: Rest and worked a vendor fair for my Thirty-One business.

Monday 4/24: I felt like lightning. Today was a quick three miles at lunch, my normal path along the course that I’ll run next Sunday. This three had me in tears. Is this real life? Distance: 3.04 miles Pace: 12’35” per mile

Tuesday 4/25: Back at it for YFit – and I almost forgot to snag a picture of the board! Don’t be fooled. This one looks easy, but it wasn’t. “Bonus”? I felt my first ever bar blister pop as I walked from the pull-up bar back to my weights. I might have shed a tear.

I was able to do a few burpees without the help of the wall or bench, but 85% of them were heavy modified. 🙁 Bummer. The Thrusters took a lot out of me, then I did 115 on deadlifts – probably my heaviest weight yet! The ab work at the end was painful but in a good way – weighted pilates crunches (idk the real name, but that’s what it felt like), l-sits (I held a bow position on the ground because my hand hurt BAD at that point), and ball holds. Ouch!

Wednesday 4/26: I thought last week was THE run. This was a hot one, but I was not distracted by the sun or my mind. This was awesome. There is really nothing more to say but pray I can get my pace closer to this for race day! Distance: 3 miles Pace: 12’22” per mile

Thursday 4/27: I got to YFit early and stared at the gym. This will be my last time at my Y Box until mid-May due to tapering next week then work events the following week. I’m going to miss it!

Really loved this WOD, and logged 5-minute 800’s. Whoa. I was spent after this but suffered through the 100 weighted sit-ups at the end.

Friday 4/28: I took a walk to clear my mind (I needed it) then did Nerf Wars at church. Lots of steps for the day and not enough time to blog!

Saturday 4/29: My last BIG run before the Half has to suck. There’s no other way around that. And suck this one did. The splits for the first two miles had me soaring, but after that, I couldn’t stay in the 12-minute mile range and went to 13 for two then logged a sad 14 fifth mile. Mile six had me WALKING because I smelled fresh cut grass and onions and I was thirsty and had the barf feeling, so I walked 0.25. This helped, then I poured my heart into the last 0.75 miles that remained and finished that one in just over 13. Unfortunately, my pace isn’t what I want it to be to ring that PR Bell next Sunday, but I think the time in song and prayer helped. And it’s DEFINITELY better than my last long run before 2013’s half – 14’52” per mile (that one was DISGUSTING). ‘lil bonus? I wore my race day shirt!!! Work gave them out yesterday and I had to see how it felt (good, but it’s going to be HOT if the weather is warm).  Distance: 6 miles Pace: 13’26” per mile

Current Progress

February Miles (follow me on Nike+): 35.91
February Average Pace: 13:32

March Miles: 60.05 
March Average Pace: 13’21”

April Miles: 60.02
April Average Pace: 13’15”
Current Projected Finish Time: 2:35 (right there with my 2013 pace of 13:13 / 2:53)

What’s coming up next? I will do 3 on Monday, 3 on Wednesday. Hoping we can bike or swim as a family on Tuesday and Thursday. Hoping I can do a shakeout on Friday, maybe to the Convention Center to get my race packet. I’m squealing, can you tell?


If you’re running in the 2017 Pittsburgh Marathon events, let me know. Be sure to follow along on my social media – I’ll be using #fitmomintheremaking #pghmarathon and #runpgh with my shares!

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My Half Marathon Journey: Part 8

Follow along with me as I share my half marathon journey – I’ll be running my second half in Pittsburgh this May – with weekly updates. (Enter disclaimer text)

half marathon journey


You guys. This week has been a true test. I got the sickness and simply couldn’t deal. Like sat on my bed and cried until I fell asleep couldn’t deal. Eep. Regardless, this Half is happening with or without me!

Training Plan Status

Saturday 4/15: Considering that I was the lone person in my house who had not gotten sick at this point, it took all I had to go for this 10-miler. I didn’t eat breakfast before (fail) and I didn’t hydrate during (because I was sold that if I stopped for my water I would stop for the rest of the run). I just listened to my heart and did what I could! Even though I do not love my pace, I love my stamina. Distance: 10 miles Pace: 13’41”

Sunday 4/16: Rest

Monday 4/17: Sick!

Tuesday 4/18: Sick!

Wednesday 4/19: The run. THE run. This might be the run that defines me as I grow in my running journey. I was super consistent, felt full of breath and life. Distance: 4 miles Pace: 12’37”

Thursday 4/20: I felt winded from my only full day in the office, but it was my BIRTHDAY WOD at YFit. This is the first WOD that I wanted to throw up in. Like had to wave my hand in front of my nose so I didn’t barf bad. Between feeling sick this week and my abs having been through the ringer and the temperature of the annex, I think I was just done. But done did it, all that in 37:28 then followed up with 34 weighted sit ups // 34 burpees (I did one to the ground then knew it was a bad idea so I went to a bench to modify) // 34 Russian twists. Ouch!

Friday 4/21: I’m still under the weather today, yuck.

Current Progress

February Miles (follow me on Nike+): 35.91
February Average Pace: 13:32

March Miles: 60.05 
March Average Pace: 13’21”

April Miles: 45.02
April Average Pace: 13’22”
Current Projected Finish Time: 2:55 (+2 minutes from 2013 pace of 13:13 / 2:53)

What’s coming up next? I’m supposed to do 11 miles tomorrow, but that will depend on how I feel.


If you’re running in the 2017 Pittsburgh Marathon events, let me know. Be sure to follow along on my social media – I’ll be using #fitmomintheremaking #pghmarathon and #runpgh with my shares!

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My Half Marathon Journey: Part 7

Follow along with me as I share my half marathon journey – I’ll be running my second half in Pittsburgh this May – with weekly updates. (Enter disclaimer text)

half marathon journey


When you have a goal in mind…big things happen.  And when you have God on your side? Those things are even bigger. This week wasn’t my fastest week ever, but it was a week full of heart.

Training Plan Status

Saturday 4/8: Oh, what a glorious day for a run! It was Evan’s soccer opening day but cold and wet in the morning so I held out until the afternoon. Thankfully my family met me on the trail twice with water because that sun came OUT. In fact, I have a not so lovely tan line from where my sunscreen wasn’t applied and the sun hit my back. Oops. And the shin? No pain. None. Nada. Zilch. Feeling so good. (Well…minus breaking in the new shoes and getting a heal blister – time for larger socks! – and realizing my broken toe from 2013 still hasn’t healed properly. Oops.)  Distance: 9 miles Pace: 13’15” (that’s -23 seconds per mile from last week!)

Sunday 4/9: Rode to Wisconsin and it was my birthday.

Monday 4/10: The hills were alive in Wisconsin. I used Map My Run and found a 4-mile path from the resort but it was more hill than I wanted to do. It was also almost 65 degrees at 8 in the morning and I was feeling it. This one included some getting lost and more walking than I’d done in a while. But that pace is a thing!  Distance: 4 miles Pace: 13’14”

Tuesday 4/11: You sometimes have to live. Today I lived and celebrated my birthday because Sunday wasn’t a great one. My exercise was walking around a zoo and feeding my belly with Wisconsin goodies.

Wednesday 4/12: This time I conquered the path from Map My Run and did the whole four miles as prescribed. Up hills. Down hills. Up again. In the cold. I mean 30 degrees and the only thing I had on me for running was a pair of capris and some tank tops cold. Thank goodness I was willing to wear a hoodie because cold. But it moved me. And I spent some time talking to God about this whole running thing. I mean, who gets up on vacation and gladly runs four miles in the cold? A committed me.  Distance: 4 miles Pace: 13’04”

Thursday 4/13: Back home for YFit. Just when you think that the workout wasn’t that bad, the cash out is to run a mile and do 100 weighted sit-ups. Kiera gave the option for us to stay inside and do something on a machine if we didn’t want to run – and because I didn’t have my new shoes with me and am pretty convinced the shin splint is from my worn out shoes I had on me at YFit, I stayed inside and did my cash out on the bike (1 mile) then because I felt like I’d wimped out of running did 400 on the treadmill in 2:45 (so under an 11-minute mile pace). It still hurts to cough or laugh after those sit ups.

Friday 4/7: Rested but played some soccer with Evan.

Current Progress

February Miles (follow me on Nike+): 35.91
February Average Pace: 13:32

March Miles: 60.05 
March Average Pace: 13’21”

April Miles: 31.01
April Average Pace: 13’21” (-10 seconds from last week)
Current Projected Finish Time: 2:55 (+2 minutes from 2013 pace of 13:13 / 2:53)

What’s coming up next? 10 miles tomorrow!


If you’re running in the 2017 Pittsburgh Marathon events, let me know. Be sure to follow along on my social media – I’ll be using #fitmomintheremaking #pghmarathon and #runpgh with my shares!

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