Enter disclaimer text This post, Floofis one such post. 

The kids absolutely love their arts and crafts time. When I brought them Floof, there was no doubt in my mind they’d like. I mean, I did (because mess free fun), so why wouldn’t they?

I was wrong. They didn’t like Floof. They loved it and are constantly begging for time to play with it (at the table, of course). Indoor snow that doesn’t melt? Yes. A bucket to put it all away in at the end of play time? Yes. This toy that is lighter than air was a hit in our house for sure.


What is Floof?

From the makers of Sands Alive!, this new compound looks like snow, feels like a marshmallow, molds like clay and can be reused every single day! It’s lighter than air, soft and smooth to the touch, and easily molds into amazing detail. You need to feel it to believe it!

The bucket of Floof is full of fun. Arianna says, “it’s really smooshy and really cool. It’s really fun to use!” From molding into shapes (our set has penguins, but there are other options out there) to just moving it from hand to hand, Floof is a unique toy for kids.


Like the description from Play Visions says, you do have to feel it to believe it. Check out what Evan and Arianna had to say as they played with it for the first time.

Evan advises to be sure that you have dry hands before playing with it – he’s learned the hard way a few times. 😉


Floof is available from Play Visions and at various toy retailers. MSRP is $14.99+ depending on the kit you select. Check out the winter themes and the s’mores theme! The kids are recommending it be on every Santa list in 2016.



Enter disclaimer text This post is brought to you by Emojiez.

In a world of texting, SnapChat, Instagram, and Facebook, emoticons have become more present than ever. My friends over at Fun2Play Toys have created toys based on these popular guys and gals, the Emojiez!

emojiez toys

When I told my kids about Emojiez, they looked at me like I was silly for not knowing about them before them. They’ve already noticed them while surfing the internet and have a crush on the “funny” ones like this guy (Plush Palz Ralph):


These plushes, erasers, stickers, and blind bags will bring your kids a way to customize their feelings in their play.  At home, we like to do Emojiez trades from the blind bags and are hoping more kids will get them so they can trade Buddiez at school, too.

As a 90’s kid, I was super excited by this toy:

Emojiez Snap Bracelet

Do you know what it is? It’s a snap bracelet! I’m excited to share this one with the kids because it’s not like the ones of my childhood – it’s rubbery, so the “slap” is nice and smooth.

If Emojiez sound like they’d be something your kids would like in their lives, head over to their website and check out all of the product options (including backpack clips, stamps, and pens) and where you can buy them.

Check out what Arianna and Evan think of the blind bags over on our YouTube Channel, too. (They’d love it if you subscribe, too!)

Whiffer Sniffers

Enter disclaimer text (We received Whiffer Sniffers in exchange for this post.)

Take me back to the 80s! Who else LOVED scratch ‘n sniff stickers and all the things? When I found out about Whiffer Sniffers, I was taken right back to the 80s. These delightful characters are unique additions to your kids’ toy collection and will be ones you won’t mind having around the house.

whiffer sniffers

What is a Whiffer Sniffer? They are collectible toys (currently with three series released) that include backpack clips, a large huggable plush, and scratch ‘n sniff stickers. What’s special about them? They smell amazing (well, most of them, as you’ll see in our video), and hold their smell even after being played with. (Our large plush still has her sweet smell of caramel apple even after Ava’s tried to sink her teeth into it a few times.)

Do they really smell? They sure do! The toys are characters based on their scents. We love Chunky Chuck, who smells like Chocolate Chip Cookies! (yum!) They should keep their scents for about a year.

What do the kids think? Well, check this surprise sniffing and find out!

What’s up with the three series? Each series brings a new scent to your world. As they grow in popularity, the series will get limited availability (like the Series 1 S’mores is out-of-stock!), so you’ll have limited edition collectibles on your hands when you act fast and grab your favorite scent (anyone up for a Series 1 Dilly Yo?).

Where can we learn more and get our own Whiffer Sniffers? Check out their website as well as social media like Twitter and Instagram. You can buy the Whiffer Sniffers right on their website! (I’m hoping to grab up a Series 3 Ken D. Corn – can you guess what he smells like? Or maybe you want to surprise your kids with a MYSTERY PACK and see what happens when they first sniff it – do they get it right? )

Super Wings

Enter disclaimer text (We received Super Wings in exchange for this post.)

Raise your hand if you can rattle off the name of all the shows your kids watch. Mine is not raised. You see, I didn’t know that Evan was into Super Wings until I brought him home some figurines and asked him if he wanted to check out the app. He looked at me like I was on something, like why don’t you know I like them?!?!

super wings

Super Wings is an animated television series where cars and planes work together to solve problems – together! There is also an app and a toy line. We got to check out their blind bag toys, which soon became a staple in Evan’s every day play.

After he opened his blind bag, Evan begged for the iPad so he could check out the App. He’s loving helping Donnie “make things happen” (as Donnie’s favorite saying is I’m ready to make things happen, in case you’re like me and aren’t schooled in Super Wings) and video Donnie and the rest of our Super Wings in action.

super wings app

If you’re like me and didn’t know about Super Wings until today, check them out online as well as on Sprout TV. Super Wings toys are available through Auldley Toys.

super wings blind bag


World’s Smallest Toys

Enter disclaimer text This post, World’s Smallest Toys, is one such post. 

Are you like me and have hands that have to be constantly doing something. This need to always be moving leads to me drumming on my desk with a pen, applying lip gloss, or simply tapping at my phone to keep them occupied.

Recently, I found out about World’s Smallest Toys, a line of novelties that brings some of our favorite childhood toys into tiny sized replicas. Think: Desk perfect! Conversation starter! Stress Relief!

world's smallest toys

Ah. Not going to lie, when I saw these, I claimed them all for my own. The kids haven’t played with them. Part of that is because they’re not all for ages 3+ (several are 8+), but a bigger part is that I do not want to share. I want to play with them all myself.

Okay, so I might have tucked two of them away for stocking stuffers (perfect!), but two will definitely be going with me to my new desk (we’re anxiously counting down the days to our new office dahntahn). Can you guess which?

While you think about it, how about if I give you some of the deets on these adorable working small toys?

The toys I received to review were the Chatter Telephone, Rubik’s Cube, Sock Monkey, and Etch a Sketch. These toys join the rest of World’s Smallest Toys including: Perplexus, Duncan yo-yo, Doodletopand Rock-a-Stack. They range in age recommendations starting at 3+ and are priced from $3.99 to $9.99. You can find out more by checking out Super Impulse online as well as on Twitter and Instagram.

Alright, so did you guess which two I’ve opened? Here they are!

small sock monkey


Aren’t they adorable? Tell me – have you ever solved a Rubik’s Cube? It’s so on my 2016 to-do list now, right?

Tell me: What toy would you have kept all to yourself?

Twozies and More

Enter disclaimer text We received the toys in this post and video (including Twozies) for this post. 


Last time we went grocery shopping, seven kids accompanied us. The bigs, the twins, and the Twozies that were added to our kids’ collection of blind bag toys. Following Blogger Bash, we got our Box o’ Swag and inside we plenty of surprises for the Bigs, including a 3-pack of Twozies and their pets.

Check out the kids’ video on Twozies, Reactorz, and the pile of Blind Bags they received: 

Both Arianna and Evan love the Twozies, carrying them around like small children (which they are) and fully integrating them into imaginative play. You can pick up your own set of Twozies on Amazon, which has many options for surprise bags and play sets.

There’s even a playground Reactorz Ball!

The Reactorz ball has been a hit, too. It lights up (which is super cool for evening play time); however, it’s gotten into the twins’ hands a few times more than I’d like and they’ve pulled at the rubber that holds the light up ball in. Lesson learned for my Bigs who are always pointing out age recommendations on our toy videos, huh?

blind bags

And the blind bags were full of fun toys that the kids have used just like the Twozies. If your kids aren’t into blind bags, here’s your warning – it can and will happen. Promise.

One of our biggest struggles with small toys is getting the kids to leave them at home when we go places (like shopping). Someone is sure to leave something somewhere. For instance, it took the Bigs 30 minutes (not kidding) to find the Twozies for the photo in this post. I get that the toys are little, but how to do kids lose everything? What tips do you have for helping kids keep toys organized and in a safe place?

Thanks to all the Blogger Bash NYC / Sweet Suite Sponsors for our Box o’ Swag! More to come!


Enter disclaimer text Tonight’s post is thanks to MagicMeeMees.

Amidst the rocking boat of Blogger Bash NYC, I found a toy that I knew would soon become a favorite in my house. Just like my four kids, these are adorable ‘lil beings that have their own emotions and wants.

Magic MeeMees

I’m pretty sure that these toys from Future of Play are going to top wish lists this holiday season. While not available until August 1, the ‘lil Burghers (and I, duh!) got a chance to play with these fun characters who will be available in play sets, characters, and blind bags. Each character has a mind of their own. A push on the head brings them to life so they can interact with you, other MagicMeeMees, their play lands, and food.


Check out what Evan and Arianna had to say about them, then come back here for more information.

You can follow MagicMeeMees on their social channels to find out more as they become available at retailers: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram. These toys were a HIT at Blogger Bash’s Sweet Suite and I’m sure they’ll be a hit in your home, too!

Psst! If you don’t want your magicmeemees to be red (angry) all the time, make sure you either buy the matching play set or the foods that go along with their land. There are currently 24 characters and 8 play sets (lands). Also, if you have babies like we do, you can take the arms off and store them somewhere safe so that they can check out these fun characters (with supervision, of course).

You can buy MagicMeeMees on Amazon – click the picture below to get the set we have or click here to get Mellow Manny!

My First Telescope

Enter disclaimer text Evan received the GeoSafari Jr. My First Telescope in exchange for this review. 

My little scientist Evan loves the outdoors. Between gardening, playing soccer, checking on his ant farm…I’m honestly not sure how he has time for any of the things he likes to do inside! When I heard about the GeoSafari Jr. My First Telescope from Educational Insights, I knew that it was something perfect for him.

my first telescope



My First Telescope

Here are some of the features of this telescope, designed specifically for little scientists ages 4-6…

  • Focus-free, easy-setup (we had it put together in a minute flat!)
  • 10x Magnification with wide field of vision, built-in diagonal mirror, and lens cap
  • Two large eyepieces with comfy goggle and nose cut-out guide for perfect eye placement
  • Adjustable tripod for tabletop viewing (collapsible for easy storage)
  • Multilingual instructional guide showcasing the phases of the moon

Evan started out checking out things like trees and house in the distance during the day and worked his way up to seeing the moon and stars at night. We just might have a ‘lil boy who is up around the clock watching all the things in his ‘lil world around our house, huh?

kid telescope

If you’d like to pick up your own My First Telescope, they are available through Educational Insights or Amazon. This one is recommended for children ages 4-6.

Arianna was gifted a telescope by Grandma and Pop Pop last summer, also from Educational Insights. She wanted to suggest it for other big sisters out there! *wink*

Be sure to go visit Educational Insights on Facebook and follow them on Twitter for information other neat kiddo learning products.

Monroeville Mall: New Play Area

Enter disclaimer text


On Friday, December 4, 2015, the Monroeville Mall will be celebrating the grand opening of a new play center. Santa will even be making a special appearance after the ribbon cutting.

What’s in the new play center? Get ready for your ‘lil Burghers to play inside a real life toy box as well as other Fisher-Price toys and characters that are larger-than-life.

According to the recent press release and details from the Monroeville Mall website:

CBL & Associates Properties, Inc., owner of Monroeville Mall, partnered with Fisher-Price and PLAYTIME, LLC to design and install a series of Toy Box themed play area attractions at select CBL centers nationwide. Monroeville Mall is one of the first malls in the country to debut the new design, which features iconic children’s brands like Thomas & Friends™, Little People®, and more!

monroeville mall play area
Source: MonroevilleMall.com

You can find the brand new play area on the lower level of the Monroeville Mall near Macy’s. 

As a parent who has taken my ‘lil Burghers to the Monroeville Mall, I’ll miss the Mister Rogers’ Play Area (which has been closed since September); however, hearing about the Toy Box making its way to the mall is pretty exciting. We won’t be able to be at the 11:00 AM unveiling; however, we’ll sure to be visiting sometime soon. Stay tuned to our Facebook page for photos!



Wait! There’s more! I’ve been asked to share some love this holiday season with some toys for the ‘lil ones in your life. This giveaway for a Fisher Price Chatter Telephone and three Thomas & Friends Mini Trains runs through the weekend of the Grand Opening. Good luck!

Rainbow Jam

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If your kids love music and need to learn their colors, might we suggest the Magic Moves Rainbow Jam? It’s a toy that is shaped like a microphone that sings songs about colors that your child touches. With two modes of play, your child can also use it as an instrument to play songs based on the tones the toy associates with colors (including colors out in the real world, like your child’s shirt!).

Rainbow Jam

We are getting lots of giggles from the songs and learning that are happening with the Magic Moves Rainbow Jam. Evan can’t wait to share it with the girls as they learn their colors, too, so he likes to sing the silly songs when he’s around them. Let’s just show you how much we like this toy!

The Magic Moves® RainbowJam™ is available at EducationalInsights.com for $21.99. It is recommended for kids ages 3+.